What I Wear-Sunday Attire + Modest March Fashion Week

What I'm Wearing: Black Jacket-thrifted White shirt-Vanity Orange-ish skirt-thrifted Black boots- borrowed from Patience (my younger sister)
Hey everyone, so guess what?! I made my goal! I've posted on schedule! : P For any new comers, I've made a goal of posting every two or so days.
Remember this Q And A post? I'm answering a few more today! Feel free to keep submitting questions, I'll answer them if they keep coming!

1.I think maybe more about where you live. I know for certain reason you can't tell us your address or anything, but like the area. Woodsy, Cold, Hot.? Love your blog, VERY encouraging. :D
I have one word that describes Montana (where I live)-extreme. Extremely cold, extremely  hot, extremely beautiful! While I'm not crazy about the snow, I do love Montana. In the Winter it can get as low as -40deg and in Summer as high as 110deg! I actually don't like hot weather, I like 65-70deg. I live in the mountains, about 20 minutes out of town. Which doesn't seem like much when you drive it all the time. I have to be careful not to get used to the beauty around me! Montana is gorgeous, but sometimes you don't see it-if that makes sense?

2.I'd like to know your thoughts on pants.
I wore only pants up until about 2010, so I'm relatively new to skirts. I wore skirts and dresses when I was younger, but after that mostly pants. I felt like God was leading me to wear skirts, so I did! I kept going on sites (not intentionally) of girls who wore only skirts, discovered Feelin Feminine's site and was inspired by the Duggar girls (TLC's 19 Kids And Counting). The transition from pants to skirts was actually incredibly easy for me! It just sort of happened! But I do want to make clear that I don't believe the Bible says you HAVE to wear skirts. I do believe the Bible says we should dress in feminine, God honoring apparel. For me that means wearing skirts most the time and pants on occasion. I don't think pants are "wrong", and I don't mind if anyone else around me wears pants. It's simply something I do! : ) I've also noticed that (most) people respect you more in skirts! It's very weird! More people hold the door, treat you nicer and a plethora of other things. I encourage you, if your feeling like you might want to wear skirts-go for it! I would also be happy to share any information with you on skirts. If you have more questions email me: Atkersonfamily(at)aol(dot)com old are you and what is YOUR religon?(i really admire your being bold with your faith and incourageing people in modest
I'm 17 years old, and I'm a Christian. But Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

4.Do you have a job?
Not technically. My parents own their own business, and I do part of the book work. I'm also filling in for my sister (she has tendinitis) while she rests. Basically I'm running the front desk of our automotive shop (my dad's a mechanic). And before you go thinking we're rich, we're not. We are blessed, but I don't eat on golden platters or anything! : )    

Julia is hosting a modest fashion week, link up! 

What is something positive about where you live? 


  1. I love your outfit! And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one still seeing snow around in March! :p Weather can be extreme in Romania too! Cold winters, crazy hot summer. I can relate to what you mean about "missing" the beauty around you. Sometimes I take for granted living in such a lovely area myself! <3

  2. I am coveting your outfit! It is SO beautiful! I LOVE it! Have I made it clear I like it? ;D

  3. i love the skirt, my fav. color! snow? whats that doing in the background? is awsome where i live

  4. I really want to go to Montana someday! I live in Southern California and I think the most positive thing about it is the variety. Within an hour of each other is the beach, mountains (with snow usually), and the desert. You could literally surf and ski on the same day. I also like all the amusement parks and things to do here. :)


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