What I Wear-Fur, Animal And Jeans

What I'm Wearing: Fur Leather Jacket-Herbergers, Brown Tiger Shirt-Herbergers, Brown Tank-Vanity, Blue Jeans-Maurices, Shoes-Payless 

So for a change, I thought I'd post my "pants outfit". Today required jeans, as I was doing things that weren't  great to do in a skirt. I'm still not quite sure about this new "boxy" shirt style-how about you? I have this shirt, and one other. I'm just not sure if they're flattering on my body type. They seem to be super popular, honestly I'm not impressed! The juniors section is filled to the brim with them, and they sort of disgust me. X Small is GIGANTIC. So I've found a couple I like, but for the most part I'm not crazy about this style.

What is your opinion of this style shirt?


  1. Super cute! I don't think I could pull off that big fur collar. :P Love the pockets on your jeans, too.

    I haven't personally tried a boxy shirt, but I like them on specific body types. They have to hit at the right spot to accentuate the small part of your torso. :)

  2. Hmm, I think that this is the best styling I've seen of that type of shirt. I think the tank showing underneath and the jacket on top kind of make the boxey shirt look a little bit more fitted.
    I like the tiger and the colour of the shirt, but I'm not too crazy about the cut in general - sorry.
    I REALLY like those jeans though. Especially the pockets!
    Enjoying your blog,

  3. I really think it looks fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Also, brown is a REALLY good color for you.

  4. Haha, I love/hate boxy shirts. I have to be on the right mood to wear them! :P I do love your tiger shirt, though! Sooo cute!


  5. I kind of like boxy tops when worn with fitted bottoms!! :-) love how you layered, the colors are cute!! :-)

  6. I love boxy shirts but on some people they don't look the best. Cute outfit! You look really good in brown. :) love the shirt <3

  7. I have hated these shirts and kind of dismissed them outright, but seeing the way you styled this makes me actually kinda want to try one. I think it's very flattering on you! (I also think it would look amazing with a very long, somewhat sleek (not full) maxi skirt and the same tank). :)

  8. I love the boxy style top! as long as it has a great fitted tank underneath they look good with pants or skirts! :) defs my new favorite style



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