What I Wear-Casual Tie Dye Skirt And Tank Tops

I'm not sure why it is, but I'm always hesitant to post sleeveless shirts on my blog. I feel like sleeveless shirts have gotten a bad rep from women in the modest fashion community. 

Please realize I'm not saying everyone should wear sleeveless shirts, or even that all sleevess shirts are in fact modest. If you feel that sleeveless shirts aren't modest for you, I'm cool with that! It just saddens me to see others post sleeveless shirts on their modest fashion blogs, only to be attacked by the commenters for wearing it.
 I don't believe that's the way it should be. We should certainly encourage one another to dress modestly, even point out sometimes if something isn't very modest. But we must do it in love! If you're ripping into someone and making them feel awful for wearing a sleeveless shirt, where has that gotten you? You've hurt that persons feelings, driven a wedge between you and them and possibly scarred them. I don't think we are thorough enough whilst choosing words when we comment. It's easy to type and hit 'send.' It's not easy to stop and think "Is this helping, or harming?" 

So for clarification purposes, I love tank tops and sleevess shirts. It's awesome to be able to don one and head out for a nice sun bath without getting a farmers tan. I do have a few tips for sleeveless shirts.

1. My under apparel cannot show (I think it's rather distasteful, in addition to being immodest, for me)
2. A Halftee covers up straps nicely on a thinner strapped shirt. 
3. Only wear it if you're comfortable in it! 

So that's my views on sleeveless shirts! 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on sleeveless shirts. 

Do you wear sleeveless shirts? If not, I'd love to hear your reasons too. 

I'm wearing-black tank top-Wal Mart $5//Pink Tie Dye Skirt-Ross $10.99//teva $32


  1. I like the colors of your skirt and nail polish and how well they go! :D
    Thanks for your words Natasha! I think as bloggers it can be all too easy to not post things because of what others will think, as opposed abiding by our own convictions.
    I personally don't wear sleeveless shirts or dresses. Why? Well, my mom is uncomfortable with it and felt like it was something that would cause men to look in an inappropriate way. As I got older, I felt like I might be okay with it, but my Dad didn't want me to post a picture on the blog of me in a sleeveless dress. Since then, I just haven't gone there.

  2. I wear sleeveless shirts and dresses, but I would not post them online.. Why? Cause of the same reason Paige's dad doesnt want her to. I feel like a picture of me just always being THERE in a sleeveless dress wouldn't go well. Simply because there are so many perverted people online!

    I like that you posted it anyway!

  3. Cuteness! Your hairstyle is so pretty... also love your nail polish color!

    I wear sleeveless shirts too (you've probably seen that in some of my outfit posts). My restrictions are my under-things can't show (I agree that it looks rather distasteful) and it can't be skin-tight (no tighter than my other shirts). Your outfit is very pretty and I would definitely wear something similar (maybe a vintage-floral skirt over tie-dye... though I do love you in this skirt, it isn't *me*). ;-)

    Great post!

  4. I personally never found a problem with sleeveless shirts because I don't think that showing your upper arms is sexual. Legs? I get it. Obviously no cleavage. But arms? I understand if someone doesn't feel comfortable in a tank or doesn't find i appropriate for church. But I for one love a good tank top!

  5. You look so cute! I personally feel relieved with you pointing out how hurtful people can be when it's just an arm. "The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God." Isaiah 52:10
    God wants to show His grace to all the nations, and I think it hurts Him if we refrain from the joy of His salvation to wallow in depressing man made rules. Anyhow, I personally think sleeveless tops are more feminine than otherwise. I think clothes are more feminine when they're a little shorter and fitted than guys, else they seem boyish to me. Maybe because it feels more meek, loving and gracious. I just hope you don't get super conscious and super aware of what you wear that it controls you. Remember that God is the judge and jury, and not picky make believers. In the end, God holds us up. Your grace and love on others God will extend back to you.
    "You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy" Psalm 30:11 Don't know why some people hate that verse...

  6. Love your outfit! That skirt is so pretty. I've been on the lookout for more maxi skirts for summer...they're so lightweight and pretty, AND they'll hide any second day stubble on my legs, lol!
    I've always worn tank tops, and as a whole, I don't see anything immodest about them. Of course, there are I don't care for spaghetti straps or overly low cut tanks, or like you mentioned, any that show your bra (which just feels more tasteless than anything).
    Some people may choose not to wear them, and that's fine. But I absolutely agree with's just wrong to cut into people who do. That is certainly not showing a spirit of love!
    Good post! :)

    Vicki Grace

  7. I LOVE your skirt! I think you did this outfit very tastefully. I personally don't wear sleeveless tops one, because my mom never let me and two, because I don't feel comfortable about my arms because I'm a bit heavy. Not really fat, but I don't like them all the same. I seldom even wear tanks in summer at home. But I agree with your statements. A very good view. When I loose some weight, I'll probably wear some. Who knows?

  8. Natasha, this outfit is so casual and yet vibrant and dramatic at the same time. What a great combination! I also have to compliment your hair because while I'm pretty good with french braids on other people, when it comes to french braiding my own hair...yeah, the results are definitely not that pretty.

    As for sleeveless shirts and dresses, I'm guessing you mean strapless dresses and shirts without any sleeves at all. I don't wear anything sleeveless/strapless simply because I don't feel comfortable wearing them. And if I don't feel comfortable, I know that I'm probably making other people feel uncomfortable as well. I think modesty is inherently rooted in a respect and conscientiousness for others. I don't think it's as simple as drawing hard and fast lines about what's appropriate to show and what's not...I mean, women's ankles used to be considered scandalous if bared and I've talked with my brothers and fathers and I've never heard either of them say that ankles, elbows or shoulders ever tempted to think immoral thoughts.

    I don't know if that really helps the discussion here at all, but Natasha maybe you could write a post on what your standards for modesty are and why you and your family hold to those standards. I know that I would appreciate hearing your thoughts!! :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

  9. I think the problem that most people have with tank tops is not that they show two inches more of your arm than a cap sleeve does, but most tanks have a tendency to expose other things too. Some are very form-fitting. Or they are too low-cut (not only on the front, but sometimes the back!). Or they're just a tad too short in the tummy region. Or the armholes are so low-cut, they can play peek-a-boo in more places than down the neck! But while that takes care of most tank tops on the market, that doesn't automatically mean that sleeveless shirts are immodest! Like I said, some of them expose only slightly more arm than a tee would, and some tanks I've seen have actually covered way more skin than some shirts I've seen!
    Thanks for posting! I'm back on my blog, so I'd appreciate if you'd hop on over and see my views on various things!


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