What I Wear-Simple Lace Skirt And Classic Purple Shirt

I know this outfit isn't anything special-but we fashion bloggers are supposed to be real, right? Well, this is me! I'm obsessed with my plain shirts! They're just so easy to pair with different things! Their's no "Oh! I can't wear this with that because of the graphics on my shirt!" (Yes, I do that! I'm an obsessive matchy!) 

I absolutely love the lace on the hem of this skirt! Huge plus, it also has a nice white ruffled slip! 

What's your opinion on plain shirts? Love, or hate? 


What I Wear-Brown Skirt And Sleeveless Shirt Thoughts


Hello there, ladies! I've finally got together a post-an event which has evaded me for quite some time! 

I found this sleeveless shirt at Goodwill (I haven't shopped at GW in ages!) and was so excited! I wear very few sleeveless shirts, due to the fact that the arm holes are usually totally inappropriate by my standards. But these arm holes are the perfect cut-generous enough straps to cover under apparel, I also threw my tank top Halftee on for the low cut part. 

How about you? Do you own any sleeveless shirts? What are your modesty rules regarding sleeveless shirts? 


Remember me?!

Hey there everyone! So I just realized I haven't posted in a very long time! And while I don't have an outfit post for you, i do have photos! My mom, two siblings and I took a trip down to CO to visit family. Crazy times that included driving 16hrs to get to my grandparents house due to the fact that we were country bumpkins and didn't get a hotel ahead of time! I nearly had a nervous break down driving through Denver at night! Day time is bad enough, then add limited visibility due to darkness...I'll take my 5 cars on the highway in MT any day, thank you! 
Left to right-my sister patience, me, grandpa, grandma and my brother Onan. 

Selfies work awesome for family photos!

Chile fries from Conseulos! Yum! 

We ate our chile fries at this cute little park that had a metal game outside to play! 

On the way home we stopped in WY at the inscription rock and the Oregon trail ruts! 

They had a rock off to the side that my brother and I craved our names into. Surprisingly, it's way harder to do than it looks ! 


Outfit Post, Sermon Thoughts And Get $10!

As usual, I'm behind in my posting! I haven't even had time to return comments, much less read anybody's  blog! : (

Had a thought provoking sermon at church. It was on 1 Samuel 12. The basic jist I took away was that if God says "No." You better listen. The Israelites were so keen on being like everyone else, they were blinded. God specifically told them, should they choose to have a King, he's going to do things you don't like, take your men and send them to battle, basically as human as it gets. Yet they still chose to have a king, knowing it would change their lives, but not for the better! 

Which then led me to thinking about how many times I've done that. With a human perspective, I think I know best. Like why can't I have that? 

Mere Christianty by C.S Lewis nailed how our perspective differs from God's. God is the author of our book, He knows what's coming next, how our story ends and the tears we'll shed. We in our human perspectives are the characters in the book, we see only what happened in chapters 1-5, and the current page, not what happens on page 300. Because we don't see the consequences of our choices, we allow our flesh to take over and fool us. (Notice I said allow) Truths we can cling to in times making choices are: God always knows what's next, God never forsakes us, God always loves. Does that give us license to do whatever we want, knowing God will forgive us? Nope. There's always a reaction to our actions, be it positive or negative. 
I'm thankful God is patient...He needs it to deal with me! ;)

I'm sure you've heard of Thred Up before-basically an online consignment store of sorts. If you join through This Link, we both get a $10 credit! How awesome is that?! 


Outfit Post-Spokane WA, White And Chit Chat!

 I'm wearing: Striped shirt-$4 Old Navy// Lace Cami-$9 Vanity//White Skirt-$0 hand me down.              

Hello ladies! My, it's been far too long since we've chatted! I was blessed to be able to spend the weekend with my family over in Spokane WA! The trip entailed lots of shopping, Trader Joes,  food I shouldn't have consumed and go karts! 

In including a few photos for those interested-
Dad, my brother Onan & sister Patience
Sister Melissa, mom and I. 
The skyride was awesome, the river was roaring! I'll admit, I was a bit nervous to get on, but once in and moving it was pretty fun. 

Brother Onan
Sister Patience
Sister Melissa
FYI-I don't reccomended wearing a skirt in a go kart if at all possible, it's incredibly hard to get out like a lady! 
Lots of new goodies-courtesy of birthday money! 
Patience and I at Forever 21! 

How did you spend your weekend? 
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