What I Wear-Resting Heart Rates And Neon Green

JuI'm wearing: Green neon cardigan-thrifted $2// Black infinity scarf-Vanity $10//Striped Dress-Ross $19// Boots-Keens $90
Hello lovelies, how are you? I'm happy to be able to share an outfit today. Actually, in the spirit of honesty, this is only the second time this week I've gotten dressed... I had a cold that knocked me out pretty good. I laid around on the couch for 4 days! Which, if you know me, is highly unusual. I'm a go, go, go girl. Always doing something, moving and working. 
So my outfits consisted of pjs and Kleenex. So glad to be feeling better. I don't think I truly value my health till it's less than 100%. 
 An interesting thing though, shortly before I got sick I was reading about how illness affects your resting heart rate negatively. 
For instance, I have a Fitbit with constant heart monitoring and this is the screen shot of my resting heart rate this week- 
 Pretty weird, huh? And sort of cool! When your body fights an infection it causes the rest of your body to work harder. So I'll now be freaking out when my resting heart rate starts climbing...

Note: I do not agree with everything the Dressing Your Truth teaches in regards to "feelings" and the like. If you stick strictly to the fashion, I think there's much to glean. I typically just skip through the weird stuff.

What I Wear-Monochromatic-ish

I'm wearing-navy blue scarf-Wal Mart $3// navy blue 3/4 length sleeve shirt-Vanity $10// White tank top-Maurice's $8// Jeans-thrifted $5

I have officially pin pointed why I haven't been blogging. Ready? It's cold. I'm okay if I have a coat, or a warmer jacket. But since I'm posting my outfit, and not, "my outfit plus my coat," it's not as easy to keep warm. 
For instance, I went out Sunday morning in 3 deg. Weather to take these. By the time I was done, I couldn't feel my fingers haha.  
All weather aside, I'm really loving my simple, almost monochromatic outfit. I've mentioned Dressing Your Truth before (I'm not selling you anything, just sharing info). But it truly is helping me with my wardrobe. I'm less worried about keeping up with the latest trends, instead I jut wear clothing that is type 4. It's freeing! I don't push myself to wear giant sparkly statement necklaces, it's not me. I hate bracelets. I'm not big on tons of jewelry and crazy prints. Plain shirts are a staple and I'm loving it. 
I'd really encourage you to check Dressing Your Truth out. It's crazy how much it helps with clothing, but also relating to other people. 
I'd love if you took the free course and told me what type you think you are. I'm type 4. 

What I Wear-New Year Thoughts

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I'm wearing-Black beanie-Rue 21 $1//Red and black buffalo check plaid shirt-Rue 21 $10//Jeans-Aeropstale $10
I thought since I've been neglecting my blog, it would be a good idea to post just once more before 2015 is over.
his year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, tears and sadness. But it was also filled with smiles and memories. 
 What's my take away from this year? Life is fragile and in God's hands. I knew that before, obviously, but it was solidified through many events. 
 So my year in review;
My grandpa passed away, my mom almost died in the hospital, my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer, we closed our church, not to mention two work related accidents for employees that were pretty severe. Which I suppose I'm mentioning, even though I said, "Not to mention..." Haha!
 I was listening to a sermon podcast yesterday that really spoke to me. He used two gifts as a sermon illustration.
One was wrapped beautifully, the other horribly mangled and sealed with a bandage instead of tape.
e proceeded to let someone open both. The nicely wrapped gift contained an apple with a bite tak
He asked people, "Which looks more appealing?" Their obvious reply, "The prettily wrapped one." Then
hen out of it. The nastily wrapped gift contained an Apple TV. 
 In much the same way, we view circumstances and situations through human eyes. When God calls us to walk a path, wrapped in a horrible exterior, tainted by the bandage, we groan and complain. "Why this, God?" Is our jaded question. "Just wait my child. Open the gift before you judge what I've given you." Is His loving reply. 
 Compliance to God is rewarded with chaos. Seriously. Choosing Christ and His plan will never be easy. Satan will attack with everything he's got if you're posing a threat. If you're simply existing, never stepping out into the unknown chaos called, "God's will", why attack a target that's not a threat? 
 So embrace the chaos, it's a beautiful thing.
Happy New year to all my beautiful gals, may the Lord bless you with chaos and give you many horribly wrapped gifts this coming 2016.
promise I didn't just curse you :)

What I Wear-Don't Be A Flabby Christian!

I'm wearing-Black Blazer-$10 Ross//Black lace shirt-$3.00 thrifted//Neon pink skirt-$10 Rue 21//Black ballet flats-Crocs $25//Necklace-$8 Vanity//White tank top-Maurice's $10

I've been reading "Wrestling Prayer" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I highly recommended this book! 
In the current chapter I'm reading, they're talking about being flabby Christians. It's interesting to think about our inner spiritual life in these terms. While God certainly doesn't require us to be physically svelte, I think our inner life is a different story. 

We can wreck our outer health by eating a steady diet of junk (uh, Cheetos and ice cream aren't health building FYI haha). In the same way, by feeding ourselves a steady spiritual diet of junk, we tear down our relationship with Christ and thereby tear down our spiritual health. Haven't read your Bible in who knows how long? That muscle's looking pretty flabby there. Spent all day watching tv? Sounds like a recipe for spiritual disaster. Idleness really is the devil's playground. Am I mentioning all this because I myself have an amazing spiritual physique? Nope. Far from it! I struggle just as much as anyone to read my Bible regularly, to pray more than "give me, give me". But I want to encourage you ladies to get those spiritual muscles into shape. Here are a few tips for reading your Bible and praying regularly: 
1. Do it.
Seriously, that's it! Quit making excuses, you can do this. Don't beat yourself up if you forget to read it one day, start over. Ask God for help in being faithful. Do you read or pray out of duty? I hope not. Prayer and reading your Bible shouldn't be done because it's what you "should" do. 
  Now your asking, "So if I don't feel like praying, does that mean I don't love God?" No, of course not. Feelings lead us astray. God knows your heart and your intentions, maybe better than you do. 
Just do it. 

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