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What I Wear-How To Wear A Mono Chromatic Jumper And Favorite TV Shows


I bought this black jumper at Rue 21 quite some time ago, for some reasons I never got around to posting it. Surprisingly (or perhaps not a surprise to you) this jumper is very versatile. It can easily be dressed down (a T-shirt or jean jacket over it) or dressed up, like this, or with a scarf. I've been wanting a jumper ever since I tried one on at Forever 21, I regretted not buying it as soon as we left.  So this is my consultation jumper, of sorts. At $5, I really couldn't go wrong! 

I thought it would be fun to share my tips on how to wear a mono chromatic jumper:

1. Make sure it fits! You'd think this is obvious, but if it's too baggy it looks dreadful, too tight and you'll look ridiculous! 

2. With my jumper, it's not incredibly fitted, it's cotton with no stretch. So I paired it with my belt for a more fitted look. Waist definition is important with a jumper. 

3. Accessories are your friend with a mono chromatic jumper. I opted for my royal blue shrug for a pop of color. Scarves, chunky necklaces and vests are great options to add interest to a jumper.

I thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to share our favorite TV shows! My family is very picky and we have a hard time finding TV shows we all enjoy watching. 
But a few we've recently discovered are:
Doctor Who (all but dad enjoy that one)
Once Upon A Time
When Calls The Heart
Cedar Cove
Are a few of are favorites! 
What TV shows/movies do you enjoy watching?


What I Wear-No Poo Journey And Healthy Hair Habits


If you've spent ten seconds on Google looking for natural beauty recipes, chances are you've heard of the "no poo"  movement. The most popular of substitutes for shampoo is the baking soda and ACV method. Now, I'm super open to weird things like this, so I tried it. It was awesome at first, my hair felt soft, clean and shiny. Then the frizzy, dried, breakage happened. I was so upset! I'd never has a split end, then all of a sudden I had a ton, massive ten splits in one strand kind. Come to find out, baking soda is really bad for your hair, it opens the hair shaft, making it super soft but then, even with the ACV, it doesn't close the shaft. Leaving you with brittle damaged hair. Yikes! 

So then I switched to sulfate free shampoo, till it stopped cleaning my hair a short time ago. Currently I'm using a bentonite clay hair "mud" shampoo. I've used it for the past four washings (so 10ish days) and I'm pleased with the results so far. These photos were taken post "mud" shampoo. 

Here's the link to the recipe I used:

I used nettle leaf, ACV, Rosemary, lemon and orange essential oils. 

Quite a few of you have asked how I keep my hair healthy, so here's my top five tips for healthy hair:

1. What goes in, makes (or breaks!) the health of your hair. Nutrition is especially important for skin, nail and hair health. Eat plenty of protein, good fats like coconut oil and butter. I've been incorporating gelatin lately (I'll update on that as time goes on) which is supposed to be super healthy for skin, hair and nails. And DRINK PLENTY of water! (Yes, you may call me the water Gestapo...)

2. Outside counts too. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on topically, so be careful what products you use. The more natural, the better. 

3. Don't brush your hair. Seriously! Brushing with conventional brushes is damaging to hair. Instead, use a wide tooth comb (or better yet, your fingers) 
Never ever ever ever ever EVER brush your hair wet! Ever! 

4. Don't wear your hair in tight hairstyles, essentially the elastic band is your enemy. Scrunchies are good, as they're not nearly as tight. My favorite way to style my hair is simply twisting into a bun and my hair's so long I shove the ends in, sort if "knotting" it. Another great style is a loose braid. 

5. Don't use heat! I don't ever use a hair dryer, curling iron, or any such thing. 
I let my hair air dry, and if I want curly hair I braid my hair while wet, or use the headband curling technique (here's a video tutorial I did:

How about you? Any tips for happy, healthy hair? 


What I Wear-Geekly...Feminine? And Natural Stuff Talk


Some of you have commented that my photos aren't very large, I must first apologize for the quality of my photos. Unfortunantely for the past months I've been taking photos with my iPhone-not ideal. We switched to higher speed internet (ditched the dial up!) but alas, the casualty is we are no longer using our desktop computer as it uses too much data. So, till I can think of some other way, it's iphone photos, or nothing! 

As of late I've been pretty obsessed with listening to awesome free podcasts from various sources, more specifically Dr. Axe and Wellness Mama. Nutrition/natural health has pretty much always interested me. I'm the weirdo who enjoys reading scientific nutrition books, I love finding out how the body works! 

 So, I thought I'd drag you along with me on this obsession. Okay with you? 
You can expect to see posts soon on THM food, a homemade all natural shampoo recipe I tried, etc. 
I would love to know (either way) if this would be of interest to you. If it wouldn't, don't be afraid to tell me that either! 

Are you interested in nutrition, natural health or healthy homemade body care products?


What I Wear-Casual Apparel And Changing The World


What if I told you that the body of Christ (the church) could be totally revived? What if I told you there's still hope that we can change the world? How about an interesting fact that one person can hold back an entire church? It's true! 
The Lord has really been convicting me lately that the problems going on in the church body collectively in America isn't the body as a whole's fault. It my fault! It's your fault. 
Too often we look to others to change, to be the first one; to move first, speak first, grow first, change first. When the reality is, one person can be the detriment or blessing of an entire church body.
We look at others and wonder why they won't change-but what about me? 
C.S Lewis said in his book, Mere Christianity, that the thing that irritates us the most in others, is probably our own biggest weakness.
It's sooo easy to find fault in others-how often do I look close to home? In the mirror perhaps? 

Apparently this is a C.S Lewis quote post (ahem) but another quote that truly stuck with me is that C.S Lewis wrote something like, "Instead of comparing ourselves to other fallen creatures, who when we compare ourselves to these people, we think 'hey, I'm not nearly so bad as so and so!' We should hold ourselves to the only try standard of goodness and beauty-God. I don't know about you, but I look pretty shabby next to the Savior of the world!
If we hold ourselves to that standard, instead of other people, if you allow God to work in and through you as a willing vessel-I guarantee you'll change the church, change you, change the world.
He's only a prayer away. 
How awesome is our God?! 

Let me know your thoughts on this! I'd love to hear them.
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