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I thought I'd preface this with a disclaimer/explanation! The past couple of posts where I shared this, I think you ladies have gotten the idea that I'm the one doing this link up. While I wish I was the genius who started it, I'm not. If you're interested in joining the link party, click the header and it'll direct you to the website where you can enter!
It is officially SPRING! Our bloggers are as lovely and bright as the flowers of springtime! Time to whip out our circle skirts and cardigans and layer light with delight. Here are some fun posts to celebrate the first week of spring:

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    What I Wear-Wardrobe Abyss, Paisley Maxi Dress And Lace Crop Top


    I bought this dress last Summer, but for some unknown reason, this is my first time wearing it. 
      I'm hoping that I'm not alone in this, but lately I've been staring into my closet and everything looks "blah." Why?! I go through this every so often. I'll try a gazzilion outfits on, they either don't fit (too loose, too tight, too...etc.) or I just can't seem to find something to go with them. So I throw a tshirt and blue jean skirt (or sweat pants....or, you know...occasionally I just keep my pjs on. Wait, what?) 

    There's this misconception that fashion bloggers are fashion forward and put together 100% of the time. Um, yeah, sure! Of course I've never worn my workout clothes all day because I'm lazy. Of course I've never worn a hat to hide my hideously greasy hair. Of course I've never spent an hour just staring into my closet. I'm a fashion blogger, who does that?! Oh yeah...I just did that last week.
      Sometimes I feel like a total psycho, why would anyone take fashion advice from me? But then I think, ladies need a real person to help, one who occasionally dresses in ripped jeans and a $2 shirt.  

      Perhaps what makes fashion bloggers special is we're not afraid to put outfits on our blog for all the world to see and criticize. Sometimes we look cute and fashionable, other times we look like total slobs. You know how you see pictures of celebrities with sunglasses and no makeup-who do they think they're fooling? I say "Ha! I'm embracing my imperfection and wearing comfy today instead of cute." 

    Now be honest, how long has it been since you wore pjs all day? 
    And my second question, how do you get out of a clothing rut/abyss? 

    Wearing-lace crop top-Debs $5?//Paisley maxi dress-$10//retro vintage style sandals-Amazon $99


    What I Wear-The Irony Of Intolerance

    I'm wearing: mint green shirt-Vanity $4//Grey maxi skirt-thrifted $3//Vintage style shoes-Amazon $99

    I've been contemplating lately if true tolerance exists, or if it's simply a wish never to come true. There's posts on Facebook pushing for tolerance, posters, videos, you name it, it probably exists. But I pose a question to you-is true, utter, complete tolerance attainable? 
       If you want to know my answer to that question, I say, no. To every issue, there's another side. Every offense has a defense. They go round and round saying "You need to be more tolerant!" Except by saying that, they're being equally intolerant. 

    There are tons of awesome bible verse I could quote, but here are two helpful ones:
    "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first." John 15:18

    "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world." 16:33

    You're going to come under fire for your beliefs, people will call you "intolerant." They'll ask you "How can you say I'm a sinner when you're just as bad as me?" Guess what? They're so right! I am intolerant of sin and I'm absolutely as bad (if not worse than) them. The difference is, I'm forgiven and they can be forgiven too. 

      Don't let the world know you for being intolerant in the sense that you're rude, or unloving. Let the world know you love, that you love deeply. But yet, even loving deeply we can't back down on certain subjects. Be lovingly intolerant. 


    What I Wear-Cheery Blue Cardigan And Strange Goings On!


    I love this color blue! Something about it is just so cheery.
    For the next few posts, you're going to be super confused. Why, you ask? Because our Montana Spring has come early. It's been about mid fifties, to sixties! There's just something about a little sunshine that lifts ones spirits. 
     Unfortunately, I'm way behind in posting, in fact this is an outfit I wore nearly two weeks ago! So if it seems strange that I'm wearing boots one day, sandals the next-you'll know why. 

    I mentioned a few posts back that I joined the Instagram ranks. Now I'm fairly certain I'm hooked! Millions of people posting random photos, how much better does it get? 
    You also might notice I've added social media buttons to my sidebar. 
    Now you can stalk me wherever you like, lol! Including Instagram (the camera icon). 

    I'm interested to know-how would you style this cardigan? 

    I'm wearing-blue cardigan-thrifted $3.00//Leopard print shirt-Rue 21 $3//Black pencil skirt-Maurice's $10//Brown boots-Skechers $? 


    What I Wear-Sending A Message Without Words

    I'm wearing: Cardigan-thrifted $3.99//Tribal Print shirt-Rue 21 $3//Pallazo pants-Rue 21 $5

    Have you ever considered how the clothes we wear may affect those around us? We've talked numerous times before about how modesty affects how others view us. But what about how clothing naturally causes people around us to draw certain conclusions? Indeed, we've yet to cover that topic. So I'll endeavor to do it justice, without boring you with a ten page blog post.

    Firstly, I know it may seem judgmental, but it's how my brain works. If I see someone in Wal Mart in their PJs, I automatically think one, or both, of two things-1. They don't care one whit how others perceive them (not neccasarily a bad thing, in some cases) or 2.They don't respect the people around them, much less themselves. Dressing in PJs in public is the epitome of sloppy. I'm fairly certain no one would ever call someone in their PJs (in public) fashionable/classy/a lady. 

    But what about just simply not caring what you wear? Unfortunately, like it or not, your clothing speaks volumes to those around you. Your clothing can either tell people, "I care about myself, my appearance and respect myself and those around me." Or, it can say, "I don't care about you or myself and you'll get over it." Think about it, what other means can you use to communicate to others without words? 

    So today I challenge you to put thought to what you wear, what message are you conveying by what you wear? Dress with purpose, to show those around you respect, yourself respect and to glorify God. 

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    Winter seems to be dragging on, but let’s not forget that it’s just about a month before spring is officially here! Our hibernation while cooped up inside our houses just makes us even more creative, trying to find ways to best spend our times wisely before we spend it all day at a park come spring… from brushing up on our sewing to learning more about God’s word.

    Here are our favorite five posts the last two weeks:

    Modest Fashion Network is a brand new global community for fashionistas who honor their bodies by clothing themselves with dignity and purity.

    If you’d like to be part of our weekly digest, head on over to Modest Fashion Network to apply and submit your blog posts every week.

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