What I Wear-How To Wear Shorts Modestly


Im sure you clicked and were like "What?! Shorts?! Aren't those immodest?" My answer would be-no. There are certain items the modest community dismiss straight away, no questions asked. 
I don't wear skirts very far above my knee. My reasoning is that if I bend over, a skirt is going to show a lot more than I'm going to be okay with. Shorts are a different story, I have to feel comfortable in them, I can't be constantly tugging them down. About two-three inches below my finger tips (with arms at my sides) is as short as I would ever go. Some people won't agree with me, some women don't believe pants are okay. 

I hope that everyone feels safe here, that no one has to feel like they have to dress a certain way (except what The Lord personally leads you to). Dressing for other people, letting others tell you what is and isn't modest, nope-not the answer. If you don't own your convictions, you'll easily drop them. 
Being swayed too easily will cause you to be tossed about, decide what modest is to you-and own it! 

Do you wear shorts? Why or why not?

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What I Wear-Embracing Simplicity


My last post I talked about "Dressing Your Truth." 
It's pretty neat, one of the keywords that describe type 4 is simple. That's so me! I used to feel bad about not wearing more jewelry, now I know if I think it's too much, it probably is.

It's cut my getting dressed time in half, seriously! Why? I think because all my items thus far go together. I pretty much I put an outfit on, jewelry, maybe some makeup and go.
It's given me an excuse to purge my closet. Painful as it was, I needed to do it. I went through my clothes and pulled anything out I haven't worn in a while, or never wore. I also donated a bunch of my jewelry that just wasn't "me." 

When was the last time you purged your closet? 

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Guest Post-happyinheels

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I'm excited to introduce y'all to a fashion blog I enjoy reading (a such a cute style she has!). 
I'm positive you will all enjoy reading, so give her some blogging love and follower her at her blog 

Hi! My name is Margaret and my fashion blog is 


Because I am passionate about fashion, I sometimes find myself looking back and wincing at a bad outfit I wore long ago. 
But I try to correct myself because God does not want us to live in sorrow (or embarrassment!) over mistakes we have made, whether big or small. 
My little message to you is:
Look forwards, not backwards, because your future is bright! 
God wants us to acknowledge our mistakes and then move forward because our life is short and precious!
Be sure to check out my blog and sign up for email notifications!


Modest Fashion Digest

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It’s that time of the year where we have to get dressed for: vacations, weddings, showers, missions banquets, and graduation… just to name a few! It’s good to be reminded that we can be stylish yet still modest as we approach the heat of summer (which hasn’t actually begun yet)! Let’s read about what bloggers are doing this time of year!
Modest Fashion Network is a brand new global community for fashionistas who honor their bodies by clothing themselves with dignity and purity.
If you’d like to be part of our weekly digest, head on over to Modest Fashion Network to apply and submit your blog posts every week.
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What I Wear-Dressing Your Truth Experiment


Today I thought I'd talk to you about something I'm into right now-It's called "Dressing Your Truth." I have to preface that I in no way agree with everything taught, but I'm very interested in the fashion side of it.

I suggest skipping most of the videos that aren't related to fashion.

While she refers to this program as "energy profiling" it's more like "personality profiling." She teaches you how to dress based on the way God made you-which is biblical, being who He created us to be. I again state that I don't agree with everything she says, always be cautious and view things through a biblical perspective. There's a lot to be gained from this, but some things you can leave and throw out.

I've determined that I'm a "Type 4."
The bold, striking woman. It's weird, at some point I quit wearing black near my face without even realizing it! With this program, I'm supposed to go for rich/saturated colors (like black and many others).
I'm not going to share anymore details than that (as that's what you pay for). But I hope you'll join me as I explore this new program and see if it works for me.

Have you ever heard of/done dressing your truth?

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