Sometimes He takes your breath away-UPDATE

We are so quick to ask for prayer, but for some reason praise reports often don't happen. 

I'm so blessed that I have a miracle making, awesome, all powerful God. My last post I asked all of you for prayer for my sister. 
The Dr. called this morning with an update. He said he was shocked, because he thought for sure she would need a kidney transplant, or at least dialysis. Nope! Turns out it was just high blood pressure damaging her kidneys. From here she needs to keep her BP under control with meds. But she won't need a transplant or dialysis and it wasn't lupus! 

When we pray, there's always the struggle of asking Him for a miracle, knowing He can deliver, but accepting His will anyway. I'm grateful and ecstatic that in this instance God gave us a miracle. Would He still be sovereign and awesome if she needed a transplant? Yes. But...
Sometimes God moves mountains for us. 
Sometimes, God just takes my breath away. 


  1. Yay! God is good! ~Lisa

  2. Praises! Thank you for the update :-)

  3. Yay, that's wonderful news! :D I hope your sister is feeling more like herself soon, now that she can control it.

  4. I will continue praying for your sister! PTL!

  5. So happy to hear that. You and your family will be thrilled!

  6. That's so awesome!!! May God continue to heal your sister.

  7. So glad to hear this! God is good!


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