Classic Stripes!

So, I finally got a picture of my outfit! For the past few days, I haven't been feeling up to par. My smile always looks cheesy when I don't feel good (go figure!) So, if my smile is cheesy now, I don't want to hear about it! : )LOL! Also, today is my brothers 13TH birthday!!!!! Wish him a happy birthday! (what a geezer!LOL!) By the way, if I take shots later of his birthday, you should know I won't be wearing my scarf! I bought it, and then after taking the tags off, I realized it was HANDWASH ONLY! AHHHH!!!!!


  1. This is the birthday song my mom always sings:
    A happy birthday to you
    a happy birthday to you
    everyday every year may you feel Jesus near
    a happy birthday to you
    a happy birthday to you
    and the best one you ever had.

    I love the shoes and necklace!

  2. Are the shoes from LandsEnd? If so... do you like them? I was looking at those in the LandsEnd catalog and thought they were really cute :)

  3. the holister abolisher: Thats awesome! I think I heard that birthday song on The Duggars on TLC(18 Kids And Counting!)
    OOPS! BUSTED! Yes, they're from Lands End! I really like them, I'll let you know how comfortable they are after I've worn them for awhile, they are still being broken in! :)

  4. I love your outfit! Those shoes are adorable. I also love your skirt. Where did you get it?


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