Can anyone give me some ideas of how to pick up other readers? I've done everything I can think of at the moment to get my blog "out there." Does anyone have any ideas? This is the first blog I've ever made, so I pretty much clueless! How do people find your blog? Do they have to search my name? Or do things I post about pop up in Google? WHAT?!!


  1. Hey Natasha,
    CostumeQueen just posted a blog on this here:
    Hope it helps! =)

  2. Hi, this is "Elinor Dashwood"! :-)
    Pretty much the way to get readers is to comment on their blogs now and then and maybe follow their blogs; advertise in your forum signature; etc. That's how I find a lot of the blogs I follow. :-)

    Looking to Jesus,
    Elinor/Melanie :-)

  3. That is excellent advice from Melanie, and the same I was going to offer. I hope you soon have more followers! :D

    ~Gabrielle (AnneGirl on the S&S forum)

  4. Corby Jane, I just zipped over to the webiste you suggested! Thanks so much! I will now be turning the music to "Off" unless clicked! He!He! Hadn't thought about it waking anyone!

    Elinor Dashwood: Thanks! I'll have to try that!

    Gabrielle Renee: Thanks! Me too! Just trying experiement with things, we'll see where it leads!

  5. I would agree with Melanie and Gabriella. ;) Visting other blogs and adding your voice to show your there, will make others curious to see just 'who' you are. :) May I also suggest a free editing program for your pictures? I have found that more pro. looking pictures are real eye-grabbers as well (I try to use it when I can ;) the free program can be found at just upload (after you make a quick and easy account) to the website and easily edit your pictures and add text if you like. :) I hope this helps!! Happy Blogging. :)

  6. Hi!
    From Suddenly darling!
    Basically, i think contests would drive more traffic to your site! There are websites for bloggers like.

    And Remember! Dont give up........I did.

  7. Beth Ann: I checked out the photo editing program! It was sooo awesome! I don't know that I would use it for my pics on here as I'm on dial-up and it took me like a half hour to load the page! YIKES! But it was fun once it loaded! Crazy how they can touch people up like that!
    Anonymous: Thanks for checking my blog out! I don't know that I'm in a posistion to do any contests, but we'll see! Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Well I've only had mine a little while, but I tell you. I enjoy a fancy blog. I really like pictures!

    So #1 you might try going to something like "Cutest blog on the block" for a background and such.

    Then I try to have at least one picture with every post. Even if you don't take it yourself. Go to Google images and find a little something.

    Anyways Good Luck!

  9. ehem... wow.. s'what I get for not letting pages load....


    Ehem... I DO Still reccomend pictures though...

  10. Avonlea Dreamer: HA! HA! Thats funny! I read on your blog that you have dial up too!!! : ) STINKS! Thanks for the suggestion! I try to post at least one picture with every post, but sometimes I don't want to let it load! : )P


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