I wear my tank tops...backwards!?! !?! sdrawkcab : )

Yes, its true! I wear my layering tank tops backwards! I know that sounds bananas! And now I'm going to do something even stranger! I'm going to suggest YOU do it too! LOL! The reasoning behind my madness, I can't find tank tops that cover enough! I try very hard to dress modestly, and that includes "covering." In this photo:

I'm wearing my shirt backwards. Its just a plain black shirt, but it comes down WAY too low to wear by itself, so to avoid another layer, I wear it backwards! Oh yeah, you want an awesome, emergency fashion tip? All right...

Where: DownPour Festival, Christian concert.
Who: Thousands of people!
The Dilemma: a nasty stain on the back of my pants.
All right, so my Mom discovered a stain on the back of my pants, (its raining and everything's wet, so no need to wonder what I sat in!) we're a half hour from the hotel, two-three hours from home. There is a weird knitted thingy in the trunk, and that's it! I was wearing a pair of VERY light jeans, and needed something to cover my stain with. On top, I was wearing a tank, on top of that the shirt from this picture, and a plaid zippered jacket. Ok, so no other choice leaves me with,
Pull zippered shirt off, take the tank top straps off my shoulders, and turn the shirt around backwards!
So, we have a tank top thats long enough to be a mini skirt, and then the jacket covered my exposed back!WOOHOO! HURRAY FOR TANK TOPS!!!!!LOL!


  1. I LOVE that outfit, Natasha!!!


  2. I've worn some tanks backward in my day ;) Why don't you try the tanks and camis from DownEast Basics:

  3. I almost always wear tank tops backwards, unless I'm just wearing them for length with a shirt with a modest neckline. I'm glad I'm not the only one. lol!


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