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For me leggings are a life saver!!!!I have made so many skirts and dresses modest with them and not to mention Fashionable:P I would recommend all girls having a pair of black and white leggings and right now Target has a great deal and are selling black and ,I think, white ones for only $6!!So if you don't already have them then getting some for modesty,warmth and fashionability sake would be a great investment. here is a picture of how I made this simple maroon dress,that would have been to short by it self,modest with black leggings...
I wore this outfit window shopping the other day and it was perfect!!I was frequently going in and out of stores so having a nice warm cardigan and some big fluffy boots and leggings helped to keep me warm and modest!!I also added a fun maroon and pink striped scarf for more layering:P

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