Writing a book...and the challenges that go with it!

Hi! So heres the thing! I'm writing a book (yes! Another one! Don't tell my friend in FL!: )LOL! And yes, its another sword wielding/bad guy fighting/girl saves the world story! Hows that for a synposis?! I actually had a revelation the other day and came up with story plot twist! I'm totally obessed with the "sword era" and wierd names! I actually came up with a few (made up) names! The main characters name is Saigan (Say-gun) and then sub-characters names Kianna (Key-ana). I think the "Obi-wan" charcters names Saralynne(Sarah-lin) . So...heres what I want to know, which of these story names do you like better?

Skiylovia's War,
Freedoms Price or
A Price To Pay



  1. Hmmm... Not sure... I think I like the second. :)


  2. Gabrielle: Thanks! I think I like that one too, but I thought I'd get others opinions too! I keep going back and forth between all the names, and riving myself crazy!:)


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