Our Trip To Spokan WA!

Hey everybody! So like I said, my family took off for the weekend to Spokane WA. We stopped off in Missoula, where my eldest brother lives! I'm totally addicted to Famous Daves! Such good BBQ! Love the Devils Spit Burger! So good! All the pictures of us in the "wilderness" are from Cabelas in Idaho! Yeah, there they cage the wildlife in!LOL!: ) Oh, be sure to check out me with Chuck E Cheese! : ) I felt like we were stalking him or something! Mom kept following him around trying to get a picture!: )
As you can see from the second picture, I've labeled everyone so you know who they are!


  1. Oh, I really like Famous Daves, too!

  2. Thats SO funny 'cause I live really close to Spokane...and I've been to Cabela's XD we actually shop there quite a lol
    Glad you had fun!

  3. I love Chuck E. Cheese. =D And I was just near Spokane last week!


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