The Lost Art Of- Holding The Door

A topic that has really "reached out and grabbed me" lately, holding the door for people! My Mom and Dad have taught us since we were little to hold the door for people. Not because whoever we're holding the door for is an invalid, or not cabapble of doing it themselves. But because-at least in my house-its a sign of respect. That you respect these people enough not to let the door slam in their face!

I know I've read alot about women getting mad at men for holding the door, but I honestly don't know why! I think its absolutley ridiculous! As if by letting someone hold the door for them, their giveing back their right to vote or something!

I have an awesome story of how you can influence others- in this case to hold the door.
On the way out the door of the bank, my younger brother held the door for us-and a little boy. I could see all over the little boys face he was thinking "Oh, holding the door is what big boys do!" Upon looking at my brother, he promptly held the next door for all of us! It was so sweet and cute! And only goes to show that you can influence others for good, just by holding the door!

I don't believe that guys should be the only ones holding the door either, my personal practise is to hold the door for whomever is behind you (guy or girl).

And if someone holds the door for you, BE SURE TO SAY THANK YOU! A thank you can go a long way!

Hebrews 13:1-2 Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Let me ask you a question. How would you feel if you knew that you'd slammed the door in an angels face? How would you feel if you knew you'd held the door for an angel?! Personally, I'll stick with number two! LOL! : )

Perhaps you have a different view on this, if so I would love to hear it. I won't ridcule you for having a different opinion! But if you do have a different opinion, please state your reasoning.


  1. I TOTALLY agree! We've been taught the same thing, and it shows respect and kindness for others. My pastor was talking about that just this last Sunday. He was telling a story about going to a grocery store the other day and a young lady was coming up behind him. He said she looked really hard, no smile, NOTHING. But when he opened the door and let her go first, her face just LIT UP!! Showing those signs of kindness DO MAKE A DIFFRENCE! People don't always respond to it, but more often than not, people do notice and appreciate it!

    Great article, Natasha. =)


  2. I'm quite interested in this topic too. Thanks for posting!

    btw, did you receive my email with the interview? I can resend it to you if you didn't get it. =]

  3. first of all... you are officially my favorite blogger :) This post rocks. second, all of my brothers were taught to hold a door open for ladies. Its so sad to see teenage guys not care less about who's behind them unless there's a cute chick. if it's an old lady, mom, or a girl they don't like they won't even stop.

  4. It really is a lost art. My husband ALWAYS opens the car door for me. It makes me sad to see others don't.

    Thanks for your comment! I found an HTML code to block the anonymous commentor. I think you're right - I think it's some person going around saying bad things on other people's blogs. I remember another blogger mentioned that she's been getting anonymous hate comments. I think it's the same person too.

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  5. THANK YOU!!! Its so hard to find someone that will hold the door.. andi di agree that anyone should hold the door. on my way into church last week, my youth pastors kid, Drew whose 3, was holding the door open for everyone! he was even handing out bulletins! when i came through the door he said ,"Im sorry Miss Haylie I dont have anymore. I gotta get some more." and i said it was ok but he later hunted me down and handed me my bullitens (an hour later cause i had toget to sunday school) but THAT is a true gentleman.. at 3 years of age!!! =] cutest little guy


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