Banner Button How-to!

Okay, so some of you asked how to get the banner on your blog, and I'm thinking it will just be easier if I do screen shots. So here it goes!

First go into your dashboard: (1.) Once in there, click (2.)

After you click (2.) a window will pop up, and your going to scroll down, then click on the add button, next to picture.

Another window will pop up. Go to my post about the banners, and click on one of the pictures. It will pop up by itself, you'll take the link from the picture (ex: and enter it in #1. It will load for awhile, and the picture should pop up. Then you will enter this link:
In #2. Your just about done: now un-check the shrink to fit, and click save!

After you click save, this time in the "add arrange page"(2.), your going to click save(The orange button). It will pop up with "the changes have been saved" or something like that. Now your done! 

Oh, one last thing, I'm not set to simple HTML.

If you still need HTML, I can do that. But this method should work better.

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  1. Hmm, I had no idea that was a way to make a blog button. Thanks for sharing, I will have to see if it is possible for me to make something like this. :)



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