"Shout It!" Modest Online Fashion Show- Tight shirts!

Have an item you'd like "Modest-fied"? Leave the item in a comment!

I've received a request for a "modest-fied" tight tee-shirt!

They-re are two things you can do:
  1. Buy a size or two bigger
  2. wear something over it!
Now I couldn't find any tight looking shirts on Polyvore (since they aren't on models) But these were as tight as I could find! : ) Sound kind of funny LOOKING for tight shirts! LOL!

If the shirt is too tight your options are:
  1. Cardigan
  2. short shirt (designed to show the belly)
  3. Or a vest!


  1. Great post... sometimes clothes just shrink so much in the wash and become a tad too tight.... :)
    I love cardigans!!! They're great for tight clothes and for covering up the shoulders and back for clothes too.

  2. Hi Natasha,
    My camera wasn't working right today, so I just entered an outfit that I did for my Fashion Week. Is this ok to do, considering I wasn't voted on during my event?


  3. Hey that is some great advice!
    I would do your 'Shout It' fashion show but I don't think I have any outfits or time!!

  4. another great use for shirts that are too tight (either because of the wash or because they are designed that way) is for layering in winter. when you have a shirt that is form fitting (not tight) a tight long sleeved shirt really is the only way to go to not have the strange bunching under the shirt you actually want to wear.

  5. you have a lovely blog! Check out mine: God bless. :)


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