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Hey everyone! Well, its been a week or so since I posted a "What I Wear" post! Mostly because my cheeks were swollen to ten times their size (because of having my wisdom teeth out) and I couldn't open my mouth hardly at all! I looked like Hammie (from Over The Hedge) I actually had 5 wisdom teeth! Yep, 5! Crazy I know! But if anyone could have 5 wisdom teeth, it had to be me! LOL!
Today's outfit is sort of Fall-ish (don't even say it!) but its still pretty warm here (88 deg) But not too warm really. I'm in denial here people! Summer aint over till I say it is! LOL! School starts on Sept. 1st for me....yep...Summer really is over! *boo hoo* I'm actually excited for school to start, I have a few new books and curriculums I'm going to do this school year. Photography, Art, consumer math, sewing, History.....and of course; lost of reading! Plus all the other "stuff".....

The sweater could button all the way, but I prefer it un-buttoned (it looked cuter!) as the tank top showed through, giving it a more "layered" look.

What I Wear
Tank Tops- Pac Sun
Skirt-Thrift Shop
Flip Flops-Old Navy

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When do you start school?


  1. I love The above verse that you are asking people to remember when commenting... :) You have a cute blog... love your clothes! there's nothing wrong with being fashionable and modest! :)

  2. OUCH!! I hope you feel a lot better!! We have started school!! Although I'VE BEEN ENJOYING IT!!

  3. I'm gradiated (misspelled on purpose) from both highschool AND college, so NO SCHOOL! Though I still have an online class to finish *ahem*.

    Cute sweater! There's a girl I work with who always has these cut vest/cardigan things and whenever I ask her where she got it she ALWAYS says Maurices. I think I need to check this place out ^_^

  4. Love that necklace!! Its so pretty.

    Wow, 5 wisdom teeth? Sounds painful. Hope you are feeling better. :)

  5. I love the outfit! It's a perfect mix of the fall "back to school" look with sum bits of summer. :)
    I start school September 13th.

  6. Oh my! I just had mine taken out (3 teeth) a couple of months ago, and my mouth didn't swell at all. My dentist uses some sort of drug to prevent swelling completely! It was amazing. I was eating solid food that same week... well, because I couldn't help it. I love to eat!

    I got my skirt from Sakura Rose ( or you can go to their facebook. The link is on that same post I wrote in my blog. Please let them know Rachel sent you, if you do buy anything !! :) The owner is a friend of mine.

    PS. Your necklace rocks.

  7. I had my wisdom teeth taken out two months ago! I didn't have any swelling at all though. You don't look that bad though. I saw someone with very very puffy cheeks after they had theirs taken out.

    very cute way of layering and being modest. ;)

  8. We start school on the 30th, thats only two days:(. NO, its never as bad as i think it will be.



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