Ashley's Modest Fashion Week [Day 1] - Military Inspired

Hey everyone! Today is day 1 of the Modest Fashion Week at Ashley's blog! Please show her some encouragement and join the fun! Today's outfit is military inspired! I added a feminine touch to the outfit with my skirt, and strings of pearls! I also added a dog tag to the ensemble for a more "military feel" I wasn't entirely sure I liked the military look, and I've never been one to follow the "in-crowd" but this jacket screamed at me from the rack! I couldn't pass it up! It was a little more than I like to pay for shirts ($15) but for most people thats a good its kind of splurging. Oh well, I'm done confessing my sins to you!

-What I Wear- 
Military Inspired Jacket- Vanity $15
White Shirt-Target $2
Skirt- Goodwill $2.99
Flip Flops- Old Navy $1
String Of Pearls (2)- Payless and Claires- $1 each
Newsboys Dog Tag- Concert $??
Tiger Necklace- Borrowed
Silly Bands-gift

Would you wear a military inspired jacket?


  1. That shirt is so cute! I love it. I would probably wear a military jacket, if I could find one, and definetly with feminine touches!

  2. Nice job making military look feminine! That's the reason I don't like that trend much, but you pull it off nicely. =]

  3. I like it, Natahsa. I really like your jacket. If I could find the perfect one, I would wear a military jacket. =)

  4. I am all about military inspired clothing. Loving the jacket girl! I'm excited that olive green is in this season. It's one of my faves!

  5. WOW That is a really kewl outfit, Yes i would wear a military jacket if I could find one. It's is a modest look but you still feel feminane love it :) Keep up the awesome job your doing :)

  6. I do and I love it! I'm really liking the whole military look with something feminine..just like how you've done it!


  7. Yes, $15 for a shirt is expensive for me too... people find that shocking. That's how I get to have so many clothes! :) I like that blouse a lot, though!

  8. I love military inspired jackets. I have one too!

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