What I Wear- Repurposing/Recycling Clothes To Make The Modest!

Hey everyone! My latest side project (aside from my DEMURES) is this skirt! I love the way it came out! The vintage feel of the fabric inspired me. It was originally a strapless shirt which was cute; unfortunately my mom and I decided (after the tags were off!ahhh!) that it wasn't appropriate to wear. So thus the former shirt was ripped, un-done and stitched up to create this skirt!
What I Wear-
Black shirt: Herbegers
Belt: Maurices
Demure: made by me
Skirt: Repurposed
Boots: Maurices
Beret: Claires
White Tights: Herbergers


  1. Oh wow! Great job to you and your mom on the skirt! I do like the pattern and the details of it.

    You guys already have snow? It's so rainy here in MD, but it's still too warm for snow.

  2. cute outfit!!!! I have a question......Do you wear make-up? If so....could you do a post on make-up you wear...or e-mail me or comment on this? If you don't I would like too know also. I wear make-up so I am not against it!!! :) But I would love to know.

  3. Victoria:
    I do not wear makeup at this point. I may in the future, but I feel right now that me and makeup don't mix! :) Too lazy! LOL!
    Sorry! But you can check out they have some great articles and I know shes done some on makeup too.

  4. Hi Natasha,

    I just came to your blog via Rachel's and I know today is my day to be inspired. You ladies are such a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere to me that I can not express in words.

    I would love for us to stay in touch if you would not mind via google/ bloglovin.

    Please let me know what you think about that and I'd be happily following you around all over the web in no time.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  5. Aw you have snow! It has snowed at my house but nothing has stuck yet. :)

    I love your skirt! Very cute. The only reusing I've done is pull up long skirts to make a strapless dress that I belt with a cardigan or shirt over it. :)

  6. Wow, great job! I'm impressed!

  7. Oh ok thanks.....i will go check out her blog thank you!!!

  8. Great job!

    Sure you can use my pic! Just please link back to my blog.


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