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This is the last time I'll be posting my artwork on this blog! I'm starting an art blog to keep things organized. I'd love to have all of you follow me over at my ART BLOG.

I did this one last night. I sketched this from an old photo of my mom when she was young.  
Audrey Hepburn:

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet:

Smiling Baby:

Which is your favorite? I have to say the smiling baby and


  1. I like the one of Audrey best - I knew it was her right away!(:

  2. I like the Audrey Hepburn one and the Smiling Baby one! They're amazing!

  3. I like the second one best!!

    Monique xx

  4. those are amazing! I love them all!

  5. You really captured Audrey and Elizabeth B. Great job!

  6. Hey Natasha, where do I link my Nancy Drew Fashion Week day six post?

  7. I really like the one of Elizabeth Bennet!


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