Pixie Dust Glitter Nails

I decided to try something I saw on somones blog-Glitter nails! Basically all I did was paint the nails white, let dry. Then dabbed on 2 different colors of glitter on my nail tips. Opinions? any thoughts on improving them?


  1. I really like them! Another idea would be to paint your nails red, white, and blue and add silver sparkles for a patriotic effect.

  2. They look great! I think they could also look cool with red nail polish and black glitter!

  3. i think it could be really pretty with a clear coat and then the glitter...I may give that a try! Thanks for the idea -- it looks super cool!

  4. Could you let me know the brand of glitter you are suing please? It looks nice and fine...

  5. Sorry, I have to say, they look messy, you need to push back and trim your cubicles, try not to get too close to them as you will flood them like above. Also white is an unforgiving colour so have a steady hand. The colours are lovely tho


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