What I Wear-White And Turquoise Shirt

Hey I'm back! Back from where? DownPour Festival 2011! YEAH! I'm obsessed with music, so concerts are a blast for me. I like to be close to the stage, but not too close. I also like to be amidst the "crazy people" I do all the hand things and jumping. Too fun! Seriously, this concert is something I look forward to every year. The best part? Disciple was there and had an alter call (where they ask if people want to accept Christ) and just in my line of view in front of me, 50 people raised their hands! 50!! That doesn't include all the people I couldn't see in the dark, or the ones behind me! God really used the concert in a mighty way to reach people. The next night, 20+ people accepted Christ after the David Crowder Band alter call! You can see photos of my weekend later this week on THIS BLOG.

The bad part of the concert? I was jumping and moving so much during the concert that my whole body-especially legs-hurt like crazy! But it was totally worth it. On the way home, I found myself thinking-who are they bringing next year?! LOL! Anyway, so yeah I was at a Christian concert for two days. And it's only Tuesday, so I haven't done anything else. I'm going to try to get a few posts in this week, don't forget to link up to Feminine Friday! There are only a few people linked up right now, so link up! You could be this coming Feminine Friday's winner!

I'm wearing: A White Hanes Shirt thrifted ($3) Blue Jean Skirt ($3) Necklace Forever 21 (Free with gift card)

My favorite bands I saw in concert:
David Crowder Band, Press Play and Kerrie Roberts.

What is your favorite concert you've been to?

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