What I Wear-How To Wear Jeggings Modestly

I decided to cut the photos down to only two. Do you prefer only 1 or 2, or 4-7? I'm also happy to announce that I've reached 215 followers! Yay!
I'm wearing: White Lace Cami Boss Wear ($6) Black Thrifted Cardigan ($3) Vanity Skirt ($10) Kmart Jeggings ($5) (note to self, need to trim bangs!)

So I've had a 'creative burst'. I made my fur vest! What do you think? I lined the inside with old blue jean fabric from discarded jeans. It came out exactly as I wanted it to! I also have a confession...I modeled this off of a vest that a girl on Good Luck Charlie (a Disney tv show) wore. I know...lame...But in my defense, I couldn't find one I liked in stores, so you make it right?! My next project is going to be a flared 40's/50's style skirt. I also have a TON of fur left over, any ideas of what I could use it for, ladies?  

QUESTION: What do YOU think I should sew next? Anything you'd like to see a tutorial on?


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll try to come over to your blog on Friday. ;)


  2. You could make a tote bag with the left over fur.

  3. Cute look, Natasha! I love the sweater. :) Hey, and I've been meaning to come over here and tell you: thanks for your encouraging comment on my "boyfriend" post. :) It is SO wonderful to hear from other like-minded gals out there! Inspires me to keep going. :) :)



    P.S. (Congrats on the followers!! And the vest is so unique! could use the leftovers to line a jacket, maybe??)


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