What I Wear-It's Christmas Time?!

So after taking pictures, I realized that my outfit consisted of red, and green! Two colors I vowed never to mix before Christmas! But I really like the outfit, and it's not really green per-say, is it? I say it's neon green.

I'm completley and utterly stressed out by Algebra right now. I have two problem sets left, and I think I have: "I'm-almost-done-with-Algebra-why-should-I-do-the-last-two-problem-sets?" additude. Which isn't good by any stretch of the imagination. Does someone want to volunteer to do the last two problem sets for me? Nahh...math isn't that bad. I actually enjoy it sometimes, when I don't stress out. 

For the past few years I've come to realize something. If I want a good education, I have to work at it! This goes for Public, or Homeschoolers. The only advantage is that I have my mom to help me. When I was just a little tyke (you know, like two years ago *GRIN*) I'd complain and hassle my mom to death about doing school. Till I finally realized that it did me no good to "just do it". So I try very hard now not to complain. I try to push myself. I teach myself to do things (like piano, guitar etc.). We have a wonderful thing here-the internet! If I want to learn about something, I can Google it! YOU are responsible for your education. Not your teacher! Take for instance, Lincoln. President of the United States, considered to be one of the greatest Presidents in fact. Yet he had very little education! He pretty much educated himself with books borrowed from others. He had a thirst for knowledge. That's what I want! How about you?

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction."
 Proverbs 1:7



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    Proverbs 16:3

  2. This outfit would really be awesome with a pair of heels!

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  5. LOVE your red skirt. In fact, I used to have one just like it. Sadly I out grew it several years ago. So sad, as it was my favorite skirt. :(

    Bramblewood Fashion: Modest Fashion

  6. You are bold! I don't know if I'm brave enough to rock a bright red skirt :)
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!


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