Fall Fashion Challenge Day-4 Favorite Fashion Era

So once again, "miss break all the rules" its at it, this isn't my "favorite" fashion era (the 1950's) but it's a lovely one! I bought this adorable shirt the other day, and had to make an outfit out of it for the fashion week. Once again, my mom thought the shirt was ugly. But I couldn't resist! Really I couldn't! I saw the outfit as soon as I saw the shirt! Too cute to pass up.
I really need to re-do my nails, they're yucky and chipped up and not very lovely. : )

Thrifted 1950's Style Shirt-Thrifted Red Skirt-Black Riding Boots Go Jane.

Have you read about the upcoming 12 day fashion show?! Read about it by clicking the page "12 days of modest fashion" or click the photo on my sidebar.


  1. I like your sweater! I'm not usually an argyle person, but this looks really cute!


  2. I think the sweater is cute! It would be perfect for the holidays!!

  3. That looks so comfortable and cute! I've found some stuff that my mom doesn't like too. My philosophy is I can wear whatever I want (as long as it's modest) until I'm 25 and then I will re-evaluate :P

    These Little Hands

  4. I love the skirt! :)

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my site as well. I am so sorry to hear that people leave those kinds of comments at times. Those are terrible things to say to anyone.

    I used to have a lot of that happen on my blog too before I turned off anonymous commenting. Thankfully, much of that has disappeared now.

    I am interested in participating in your 12 Days of Fashion! If I have time I will definitely try to participate! :)


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