12 Days Of Modest Fashion- Day 2 Share A Family Tradition

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I'm Wearing: Brown Herbergers Leather Jacket, Floral Maurices Skirt, Brown Go Jane Boots.

I'm uber excited that I found a place in "public" to take pictures that doesn't require me awkwardly posing in front of people staring at me. The only time I got desperate enough to take photos in front of someone was when I had another fashion event, I took photos in front of the garbage can in front of Arbys...yes. You read that correctly...It was incredibly uncomfortable! *sigh* The things we fashion bloggers do for our readers!
Speaking of readers, an apology to anyone who commented on the last post about the links not showing up! I checked it out on the dashboard, and the "display links" had been un-clicked. So they're now up and ready to be viewed!

I debated which family tradition to share and picked this one:
Instead of waking my parents up early at a crazy time in the morning (3 AM anyone?) we have to wait until they get up. We're not supposed to get up unless they're up. After we get up, we have breakfast and read the Bible story. When I was little, this ritual used to be torture, if you'd asked me I would've said the Christmas story was 9 hours long. As I've gotten older, the Christmas story seems like 5 minutes long and waiting to open presents till after breakfast is no longer torture. So I guess my family's tradition is putting CHRIST first in CHRISTmas.
What's your family's Christmas tradition(s)?


  1. Just look at all that snow! and that backdrop! Just gorgeous. :) I'll miss the snow that we always had every winter in Indiana. :( Cute outfit! I've always been a fan of pairing a summery dress or skirt with tights to make it warmer for the winter. :)

  2. SNOW! :) I want some!! :)

    Lovely outfit.. I love wearing bright florals in the Winter.. it is so cheerful!


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