Modesty 4 Me Perfect Cami Review-12 Days Of Modest Fashion Day 1

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I DID NOT add the sparkle on this photo! Isn't that cool?!?

I'm wearing: Thrifted American Eagle Hoodie, Perfect Cami (c/o Modesty 4 Me) Thrifted Blue Jean Skirt, Black Riding Boots (Go Jane)
Favorite Ornament. It's odd, but it's an ornament I actually bought my mom when she was pregnant with my little sister.
Today starts the first day of the 12 Days Of Modest Fashion event! I'm so excited and can't wait to see your outfit(s)!

This post is also doubling as a review of Modesty 4 Me's Perfect Cami! I highly recommend these camis! Hurry! Right now they're on sale for $14.99-$16.99! The company was gracious enough to give me one of their camis to review! I'm very excited about them, I've always had a hard time finding tank tops/camis that fit properly! They're either too short, or not high enough in the neckline! I even used to resort to wearing my tank tops backwards, giving it an odd shape.

Cindy (the woman I spoke with via email) was very nice and helpful. The cami took about 6 days to arrive.

This cami is both long and high. The fabric is soft and feels nice against the skin. My only complaint is that the cami seems a bit big for me. I went by the size chart, but I was on the very beginning of the XL size chart. When I would sit, the tank top seemed to slide down. However I tightened the straps on the cami and voila' problem solved! Overall I give this item a 10 out of 5 star rating! Highly recommended! A must have for every modest fashionista!  


  1. Love your outfit! So cute. And that sparkle on your hoodie is so awesome haha!

  2. I want to participate! I don't have a camera though. :( Maybe my dad would let me use his phone.

  3. OOOH! My camera is broken! I want to participate SO badly! :(

    Your outfit is SO cute Natasha! You look amazing! :)

  4. Love the outfit Natasha! That last picture of you is a very cute pose. ;)

  5. Your hair looks really good pulled back!! Cute outfit, too!


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