What I Wear- Sunday A'eropostale Casual

I'm wearing: Black Shimmery Aeropostale Shirt, Black Thumbhole Jcpenney's Shirt, White Thrifted Skirt, Black Go Jane Boots

I was able to drag convince my little sister to take my photos after we got home from church. It was so dark this morning that I couldn't get any photos before church, thus the messy hair. My hair seems to be getting greasy easier lately, which is weird since I can usually go like two days without a shower and my hair looks fine. Anyone have any suggestions?

I pulled out my nifty Dollar Store nail polish thingy and did my nails last night. I guess they came out well since a couple people thought they were stickers! 


  1. About hair- I have really long thick blonde hair, so long I can almost sit on it, so I've tried a lot of different things.
    One reason your hair could be greasy is that you've been having hot showers. Hair naturally produces oil, and heat makes the glands produce more. Harsh shampoos also do the same thing. Natural hair care products are really worth while! This may sound like a silly idea, but rubbing a natural oil like Tea Tree or Lavender in, leaving it in, then rinsing it out with warm water can 'trick' the oil producing glands that they've produced enough.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Did you draw the header? I think it's remarkably good :)

    I always make my mom take my picture when we walk home for church whenever I don't forget my camera since she's always at work! I really wish I had my tripod with me...

  3. I love Aero! I keep finding their sweatshirts in just my size at the thrift store for a dollar :) Your nails look lovely! I have some of the dollar store nail polish with the fine brush for details, but I haven't tried it yet...I might have to after seeing how well yours worked!

    These Little Hands

  4. I love that look!! I think I might wear one like that! I never wear white skirts in the winter but you make it look SO good!!
    I thought your hair looked nice!


  5. My hair is always greasy. I literally get about 12 hours once it's dry before it *needs* to be washed again. NO, I don't wash it that often, but I could.
    I agree with Sarah, wash it with luke-warm to cold water. And let the shampoo sit on it for a while, don't just apply it and wash it right back off again.
    I'm not sure if it works or not, but I read in a hair care book that scrubbing your scalp also causes excess oil.

  6. Your nails looks great!! I have to try that sometime :)

  7. By golly you fooled me, as well! I cannot believe that you did you nails yourself...they look professionally done! ❤

  8. hey! i love ur style blog i me and my friend just started one. please check it out :) thanks!


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