What I Wear-1940's Style

I have to confess that I only wore this hat for the pictures, my hair was wet when we left and didn't dry till we got back home (when we took pictures). I let my hair dry naturally after a shower, it gets interesting in the Winter! I have to make sure I don't go out with wet hair when it's super cold (one time my hair actually froze!). Needless to say, I no longer take showers Sunday morning, I prefer not to lose my hair by freezing it! Speaking of weather, I don't know about you ladies, but it's been unseasonably warm in Montana! Which is nice and scary at the same time. Nice because I'm ready for Summer, scary because it raises the risk of fire pretty high this Summer. I'm so looking forward to being able to go for walks up the street and sit outside without any jacket! But I'm not complaining, God has convicted me of complaining about the snow too many times to do that! Besides, snow makes a great plain background for my pictures!

Attention! I'm looking for a face to draw! Could it be yours? I've run out of Google images to copy and I can only think of so many people's names. So how about sending me a portrait of you to draw? All I require is that the face be turned slightly so the nose is a bit easier to draw, the picture to be well lit and good quality and preferably large. Send the picture to: 

Q: Would you say the weather in your are has been unseasonably warm?


  1. Yes, the weather where I live has been oddly strange and I live in a completely different part of the country! We finally got our first real snow. A week ago we had 60 degree weather. So strange...
    It's been nice though! :)

  2. Very cute! Pairing black and white polka dots with a bright color makes it both vintage and modern...wonderful combination :)

  3. Cute outfit!

    We live in Alabama so there is never really a winter but for about a month or two. lol

  4. Ehh, maybe. It was 80 today. That's pretty normal for February here. Maybe it's a bit warm actually. It usually is in the 70's.

    Yesterday it was really nice, the day before, it was really cold. In the 50's, which is cold for Southern California! :)

  5. I love this outfit! It is really adorable. :-)

    And yes I can relate to freezing hair. So I usually wash my hair before I go to bed! :) hehe.

  6. Lovely color combo, Natasha!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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