What I Wear-Zeena Cowl Neck Shirt

I was contacted by Zeena about their company, so I offered to do a product review of their Pleated Cowl Neck Shirt. All the clothing on the site is fairly modest (by my standards). I received top notch customer service and prompt replies. The shirt appears to be good quality, and fits well. I wouldn't reccomend wearing the shirt without some sort of belt or "cinch device", as it's roomy without something. I think it's a very flattering shirt with a belt and I look forward to wearing it again! I was also pleased to find that the cowl neck was made in a such a way that I don't need to wear a tank top underneath! A huge plus in my opinion! I encourage you to check out Zeena's store-maybe even get the same shirt as me?! : ) The prices aren't "cheap" (as in thrift store or sale prices) but they're reasonable-retail prices.
I paired the Zeena shirt with:
Thrifted Silver Jeans, Go Jane Black Boots.   
If you had this shirt, how would you style it?


  1. How lucky you are to have gotten such a beautiful piece sent to you to try out! I love the paint splattered look of it; definitely unique and something original! And as you said, the modesty of it is another brilliant plus! ❤

  2. Cute shirt! If I had it I would style it the same way, except maybe with a long necklace added. :)

  3. Hi! That top is so cute!! I liked the way yuo styled it but like Kay said I would rpobably do it the same, but with a long necklace :) Cute!!!! Here is my blog:

  4. LOVE the shirt! :) If I had it I'd prolly wear black jeans under it, but other than that ithink it's totally cute! :)


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