What I Wear-Bright Color(s)!

So I'm feeling ambitious tonight! I'm putting up a fitness post and an outfit post! Yay me! 
I wore my black Kosher Casual skirt (C/O Kosher Casual), black Pac Sun shirt and Forever 21 boots. I paired the otherwise neutral (and rather depressing!) colors with a bright pink thrifted hoodie and rainbow colored beret from Forever 21. I'm having troubles putting together outfits lately! The weather is so up and down (and I'm ready for cooler weather!). I haven't yet unpacked all of my Winter clothes, they're still sitting folded in their storage boxes under my clothes rack. Strangely, this time last year we had snow! It's been beautiful for weeks now! Living up in the mountains, I get to see the colors change more slowly than others, as the colors turn faster up where I live. The ones in town haven't turned quite as fast and so I get to enjoy both! I've lived in the mountains my whole life actually! (We moved from the mountains of Colorado to the mountains of Montana almost 10 years ago) Staying in hotels is strange-hearing the traffic, (people yelling..) and police sirens at night drives me crazy! You wouldn't believe the beautiful silence in the mountains! And while I'm sure someday I may have to move into town, I love my mountains. I'm incredibly blessed to live on a road that has very few cars on it, where I can walk for as long as I want! (plus I have the bonus of being able to see the occasional wildlife such as Moose, Elk, Deer and-unfortunately-wolves. 
PS: Ironically these photos weren't taken in the mountains! ; ) 

QUESTION: What's the weather like in your world? 
PPS: I'm participating in Samantha's Fall Fashion Show!


  1. Love this outfit and I love the scenery.

    The weather in my parts? Tomorrow it's supposed to be 105, Monday 109, and Tuesday 112. You can bet I'm VERY ready for cold weather. I'm dying for it. Especially because I have no a/c.

  2. The weather here is still hot. So far only one night did I feel even a hint of coolness. Today I did the "fall cleaning" in hopes that open window season will come soon! Tomorrow I'm putting out fall decorations in the house and next weekend I am redoing the front flower bed (I'm hoping it will at least be cool enough that the sun won't kill off the new flowers!)

  3. I like that fuzzy colorful beanie! I can't wait for strictly cold weather too. I don't have much fun dressing in the heat. I have super duper thick hair, and I get warm too easily. So it's just playing around with colors and patterns and such during the summer, but fall/spring/winter is great for layering. Can't wait!

  4. i heart this outfit!!!
    and the weather here is not hot enough - 19oC is the hottest its getting today!
    but Friday was a scorcher, it was the HOTTEST DAY in the past TWO YEARS!!!!
    BTW, I live in Australia, so we are just coming out of winter and into a hot Christmas!!!! yay! whats Christmas like with snow?
    Love Sararose xox


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