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I'm Wearing: Brown Shirt-Thrifted, Skirt-Thrifted, 
Okay, so I probably don't need to wear boots today (it's not that cold yet!) But I've been dying to wear my new boots I purchased from Go Jane! They have their boots really reasonably priced-although there are some boots on there that it kind of makes me wonder why that person needs boots?! Spike heels in the snow, really? Let me know when you break your neck on the ice! I prefer to have my feet as close to the ground as possible! : ) Although I do have to admit that I love the way the high heel boots look, they're just not for me!
   I appreciate the huge response I got on the survey last post! I really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions (keep 'em coming!). The running theme seemed to be:
More posts-(I'm working on it, though more posts means my hair looking like it does today...)
Different hairstyles-I have to say that this is something I've always had issues with, I'm just not creative when it comes to hair! But, I got to thinking-care to share hair ideas with me? I'd be happy to try new things, I just don't have any ideas!

   More personal-I did hear this one (I promise I'll share more personal stuff in the next post!) I've been hesitant to talk about my life too much, as I'm not sure how much people really want to hear! So if you get sick of me sharing about myself, you asked for it...LOL! No, but I'll try to keep a better balance between personal and fashion.

Also several of you asked for Q and A posts-your wish is my command! Please feel free to leave your questions in the survey, or in a comment below. I can't promise I'll answer all of them, but I'll answer as many as possible. I'm thinking I'll have a day set aside to do a Q and A post-suggestions as to what day?


  1. Natasha,

    Thanks for entering the Fashion Show! Links can either be e-mailed to me (samanthahartzell93(at)gmail(dot)com)

    or posted on the linky on my friend's blog:



  2. Cute outfit, Natasha! Glad your survey is going well! I have one going on my blog as well, so I know how helpful they can be! :)

    God bless!

  3. Very cute outfit! You look so nice in that brown and blue...I also really like the necklace...and yes of course the boots look soooo fall-ish! Love that style.

    Blessings, Primrose

  4. Love your boots! And you made me laugh with the not knowing who would want certain boots! I agree. :-) I see women here in the middle of the icy winter hobbling around on 5 inch spiked boots and it makes me cringe! :-) I do have a pair of heeled leather boots for more dressy occasions during the Winter, but they have a nice chunky heel and never get worn after a fresh snow! Hehe. :-)


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