What I Wear-Green!...again....

So I'm wearing yet another green shirt, only this one has stripes and long sleeves. So technically it's not at all like my last outfit, doesn't even slightly resemble it, or so the story goes! ; ) The weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year (we had snow last year by this time!). Today is a bit more on the chilly side-only a high of 60 deg. However tomorrow it's supposed to get back up to 83 deg.! Honestly, I'm ready for the cooler weather! This Montana girl is just trying to be content with whatever the weather is!        

I'm Wearing: Thrifted Shirt, Thrifted Jeans, Payless Ballet Flats
On a side note that is completely unrelated, I've had this acne on my lower arms that I've never had before, but it wouldn't go away. After doing just a tiny bit of research I discovered it's from clogged pores and dry skin! So I've been exfoliating and putting lotion on-it's finally clearing up! I know that was totally off the wall/wow, where did that come from?! But thought I'd share in case anyone else has problems with acne on their arms. I thought it was interesting that it was that simple! 

QUESTION: What totally awesome thing have you recently discovered? 


  1. My little girl is 3 and she has the bumps all over her upper arms. If I pop them she won't have them for quite awhile, but she won't let me because it hurts a bit. What are you using to exfoliate and what kind of lotion? Thanks!

    1. Chrissy,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I'm no expert, and I still have acne on my face (mostly hormonal breakouts).
      But I have found that keeping the affected area clean (in this case, your daughters arms)is helpful. It's especially important to keep it clean after exercising or something like that (playing outside, etc.)

      I'm using St. Ives acne Facial Scrub to exfoliate, you could also use a honey and sugar scrub, just be gentle when exfoliating.
      I use oil free Neotrogena combination skin lotion (the lotion should be the "non pore clogging" kind-you want oil free)
      Hope this helps!

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