Your Opinion Needed! 1970's Vintage Cape Styling!

So I found this super cute cape at Goodwill yesterday! I literally couldn't decide if I should get it or not! I debated back and forth, tried it on in front of a mirror and decided that if I didn't get, I would regret it! It's a once in a lifetime piece (at least for me, vintage pieces don't come by often!). 
So, I need your help! How would you style this? I marked where the armholes are, and it doesn't have sleeves. I was most excited because I had recently seen an old movie where she wore something almost exactly like this! I oohed and awwed over it on the movie actually! (my sister Melissa just rolled her eyes! LOL!) 


  1. Hey Natasha!!! WOW!!! What a find!!!

    I think for a more "dressy" style, you could wear it with a "slim" black skirt (or black slacks) and black long-sleeve shirt. For a more "cute and casual" look, maybe jeans, colored long-sleeved shirt, and a little hat a some kind. :)

    Again, what a find! I can't wait to see it styled with an outfit!

    God bless!

  2. Adorable! I'd wear it with straight-leg jeans and some cute boots.

  3. That is cute. :) I saw this girl on youtube doing outfit of the days and she had a cape and she styled it in a pretty cute way. I think her username was something like ballet and pink roses. You should look it up. :)It was a series of OOTD's if I find the link I'll leave it here. :)

  4. Oh, I love this! Thrifting is not only thrifty, but so fun. Here's my styling ideas...
    -with jeans & a turtleneck + flats, oxfords, or boots
    -over a knee-length dark dress with dark tights + boots, flats, or pumps
    Those are just my two ideas, but you could do so much more with this.
    Styling Love,

  5. I think it would look good with a pair of jeans and boots. and maybe a black cloche hat, and shirt with long dark sleeves. I think i actually saw it in a magazine a very short time ago. I suppose you just have to keep your eyes open. :D hope you figure something out! I think its lovely!!!!!!

  6. Hey Natasha...

    as a reply to your comment: Yes, I got a perm recently!!! My hair has always held curl really well, even though it is straight/wavy naturally, so I've always wanted to try a perm! I'm quite happy with how it turned out. :)

    Thanks for your comment!

    God bless!

  7. One skinny jeans!! :))

  8. WoW!!! Natasha, that's an awesome piece!

    I'm envisioning it in a variety of awesome ways... You could wear cute black ballet or other flats with it and pair some dark straight-leg jeans or dark straight-leg pants (not skinny jeans that fit like tights, because that competes too much with the cape-style, but you could do skinny jeans as long as their kind of looser than the tight ones).

    Or, you could pair it with dark flared pants (jeans or other) and put on a pair of flirty black heels or heeled boots. I always feel that you can wear a flared pant with a flared top if you're wearing a heel. I'm thinking two inches or more)

    Or you could wear it with a skirt, maybe gray, maybe black, all one color, not ruffled but either a pencil skirt (loose or fitted) or some sort of A-line skirt. My thought is the skirt should end around the knee. If it's longer than the knee it will compete visually with the cape. You could put black tights with it and ballet black flats or knee-high boots.

    Since the cape is so lovely, I would keep all the other colors of everything else monotone and really simple so as to not compete with it.



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