What I Wear-"Braid"-The Sequel


I'm wearing: 
Pink Sweater-Thrifted, Hat-??, Skirt-Hand me down from sister-in-law, Shoes-Lands End

Get To Know Me:
  1. My pencil portraits changed drastically (becoming more realistic) after I watched: "Drawing Realistic Portraits From Photographs" DVD.
  2. I've been eating tomatoes like crazy lately-LOVE THEM! I eat entire tomatoes for a snack...lightly salted, sliced and arranged prettily on a small plate. YUM!
  3. I write for Girlz 4 Christ magazine as a regular columnist.
  4. I came up with the term "Zippy" (zippered hoodie) and embarrassed myself by using it front of someone who didn't know what I was talking about.
  5. Every other man you meet where I live in Montana is named Bob or Charlie.  

I slept in this braid last night and decided not to take it out this morning. It's a bit messier than yesterday, but I sort of like the look! I originally had a totally different outfit on this morning, but after adding the hat, came up with this outfit! Nothing too exciting, but the colors work well together. 

Olivia had some interesting points in her post today. 
"Do you dress to just not get morally in trouble while still focusing on trends, or do you dress with a deliberate desire for cultural transformation?"  
Which got me to thinking. 
For me personally, this sort of goes along the same lines as I talked about previously-abiding in Christ. Wardrobe choices are also a daily choice and require thought. There have been times in my life when I've picked an outfit out, and for one reason or another, felt like the outfit wouldn't be pleasing to my Lord. I'd like to say that I constantly dress for Jesus, however I'm only forgiven-not perfect. While that should never be used for an excuse, God does allow for our shortcomings. I do have to admit that it's hard sometimes to wear modest clothes, especially skirts. People either respect you for your skirt, or treat you like dirt. I've seen chivalry come out and I've so chivalrous acts come out. I've had people tell me my outfit was cute and also received stares and sneers for my skirts. However, it doesn't really matter what other people think about my clothes, I'm the one who'll be held accountable for my clothes-not them. 
Thanks, Olivia, for the reminder to set the world on fire (figuratively with clothes of course!). 

What do you think my outfits say about me? (Don't worry, I can take honesty as long as it's said in love!) What do your outfits say about you?


  1. Cute outfit!! Thanks for the response post. It's always good to be reminded of things. :) I don'toften comment, but I do love your posts and outfits. :)

  2. Great post, Natasha! Cute outfit... love the last picture of you smiling at the camera! You have a wonderful smile!

    Good thoughts on the REASON why we dress modestly. Thank you for sharing!

    God bless!

  3. Love your hair like that! So cute!

  4. You look so great in a bread! I love your outfit too. The pink looks really pretty on you. (:

    Lizzy <3

  5. Messy braid is totally okay because messy is the new chic these days. :)

  6. Do you have a log house?
    Your outfit is so pretty against the wood.
    I like the braid!

  7. Love that hat, and the braid!


  8. I read your article and got impressed due to have information about teen popular fashion trend in 2012 for boys, many people would like to read it also because you have made an effort to write perfectly, please keep it up!

  9. I like the braid too :) and I think skirts and dresses are so you so keep wearing.

    Personally I dress to feel comfortable myself and pretty as well, I have to admit that but always properly and not giving the wrong impression.


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