What I Wear-Christmas Party

I'm Wearing: Blazer/Jacket-Vanity, Sequin Tank Top-Debs, Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Go Jane
I wore this to our business Christmas Party Saturday night, so I'm a little behind! ; ) You're actually going to see this skirt again in a couple days (my Sunday outfit....)
I wanted an outfit that was festive, while at the same time not too flashy or dressy. I live in a town where people wear their pajamas to Wal Mart, high heels are a rarity and slippers are fashionable. Although I've gathered from other people, that's pretty normal these days. When did we stop caring about how we dress? I'm not saying we should be obsessed with appearance, but clean hair, normal clothes and a smile are necessary in my opinion. Anyway, end of rant....

I'm very happy to say that I got all my Christmas shopping done in November! I've come to realize that most people fit into one of two Christmas shopping categories-
1. Early Shoppers-usually done weeks before Christmas
2. Christmas Eve Shoppers-usually don't have their shopping done until it's almost too late and are frantically trying to get gifts together. 

I thought I'd also share a photo from the business Christmas party for fun:
What are your plans for Christmas? Do you have your Christmas shopping done? 


  1. Cute outfit! Kinda reminds me of a snowflake; so, of course, perfect for a Christmas party!

    Hmmm... I have most of my shopping done... not completely though! :-P

    God bless!

  2. I love your shirt!!! It's so bright and colorful, and your necklace looks beautiful with it!

    For Christmas, my family and I are just planning on staying home, watching a movie late Christmas Eve, and opening presents late that night if Santa comes. ;)

    I don't have my shopping done yet! I haven't even started! But I'm doing it this week. :D


  3. Love your boots! So cute!


  4. Love those grey tights! I definitely need a pair of those.

  5. hi Natasha! i'm renae and i also dress modestly. i just joined your site, too. come on over and visit and decide if you'd like to follow me, too? this ootd is great and i loved yesterday's too.

  6. I'm having the typical Christmas dinner with my family

    Is been three years since I've decided to buy things only to my closest relatives because for me Christmas is not only shopping. So I give Christmas cards to my friends to express my feelings toward them.


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