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I put together a toasty outfit today. I don't normally wear my lighter Summer skirts, like this one, during the Winter. However, the skirt seemed to go with my top, so I'm wearing it with a pair of jeans underneath it for warmth. I also added the scarf to pull the red accents out of my skirt. Funny thing is, I didn't realize how long my scarf was until I got into the car, where I promptly stepped all over the ends of my scarf! I might have knitted it slightly too long...
It was quite chilly today-the high was only 20 degrees! I spent most of my day outside doing one thing or another-so I'm a bit cold! : ) Actually, I'm looking forward to exercising this evening so I can warm up!

But I'm not really complaining, I'm so blessed to live in beautiful Montana! I can honestly say, without lying, that I prefer Winter to Summer in many ways. Clothing not being the least of my reasons! Layering seems so much easier to me, Summer is definitely my downfall in fashion. Most days in Summer-as loyal readers can attest-I end up wearing Bermuda shorts and a tee shirt. While that's okay sometimes, I usually feel bad posting basically the same outfit! 

I decided to do my little sister's nails the other day-in case you're trying to figure it out, they're snow flakes! 

QUESTION: In your opinion-is Summer, or Winter easier to dress for?


  1. VERY pretty outfit, Natasha! Really like this one!

    Hmmm... winter is probably harder for me... at least with POSING for pics. It gets dark so fast outside and I hate ALWAYS wanting to wear jacekts over my blouses to be warm enough in my pics! On the other hand, I love the scarves and hats... so, I think the difficulties and the perks of winter balance each other out. Summer too... though, since its not summer, I won't go into detail about that! :-)

    God bless!

  2. love the beanie. and the color. I prefer summers ease but I like to wear jeans and scarves. so fall is perfect! but I don't like the fact that it's so hard to find time to take the pictures in the winter, it's dark by four. xx | Natalia

  3. oh, winter ist definantly easiest. Layering is really fun. And I find that it is way harder to look cute while still attempting to stay cool. I guess I'll have to try harder next summer. :)

    That skirt is cute, and it looks great with the jeans. And I LOVE your boots. Boots are my favorite right now. They are so comfortable and yet you can be warm with them on, without looking like you have leggings and crazy socks on at the same time. :)


  4. Really, really, really cute outfit!! Love how the scarf brigs out the red in your skirt, the beanie really ties everything together and the jeans make it look stylish but still easy and warmmmmm! Hmmm....I would have to say I prefer summer over winter...I don't really now's just one of those non-reasons why I like it. Lol. ;) Y'all are so lucky you have I've been wanting some so bad! I really wanna go snowboarding...and tubing and sledding...but I guess all good things will come in time. :)

    Blessings, Prim

  5. Oh this is a hard one! I think that winter is easier because of the layering oppurtunities. I love cardigans and scarves and those are things that I can only wear about four months out of the year. On the other hand, since summer lasts nearly forever here, I have way more summer clothes than winter clothes, but its not as fun to dress for summer as it is for winter, and I really like the cold. :)

    This outfit is really cute and I love your scarf! You made it? Wow! It's adorable.

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  7. For me is Summer, because I usually wear a pair of jeans or shorts with a t-shirt. While in Winter there're more things to wear because of the cold weather, but I prefer Winter style because I like to combine the different layers of clothing and love boots.

  8. So cute! Love those boots.

  9. That's a great outfit! I like how the tannish color in the skirt brings out your long braid.


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