What I Wear-Pants And Blue Vest

I'm Wearing: Shirt-JcPenney ($4), Indigo Blue Vest-Maurices ($10), Jeans-JcPenney ($17)
So funny story about this vest-actually a pretty cool story! I saw this lady in the mall wearing this super cute blue vest (the one I'm wearing!) I pointed it out to my mom and wondered where she bought it. Then we headed into Maurice's, and surprise! There was the vest! Unfortunately it also had a lovely $45 price tag on it-way out of my price range! Well a couple weeks later it went on sale for $25...I was very tempted to buy it! I had some Christmas money and debated buying it, finally deciding I didn't need it that bad. But then a couple weeks after that-bingo! it went on sale for $10 bucks! I was so excited I almost screamed in the store! Instead, I calmly went to the register to check out-actually the cashier made a comment to the effect of "Oh, the big spender!" LOL! 

I thought it would be good to start a discussion on finding modest pants! One of my problems with pants is that they're worn so tight they become inappropriate. After I graduate in June, I'm planning on working at our family business, where I need to wear pants. So my mom and I went shopping for pants! 

I was so happy to find these dark wash jeans at JcPenney's! I took a couple pairs into the dressing room with me-9, 10 and 11s. I share sizes because I think it's important to realize that you're going to have to go up in size to make them fit better. The 9s fit the way they're supposed to, hip/rear hugging and  not too modest! So I tried on the 10s, a bit better, but finally decided on the 11s. They're too big in the waist, but fit nicely in the legs and length-nothing a belt can't fix! 
A general rule to follow when finding modest pants is that you should be able to pinch an 1" in the thighs to be loose enough. 

And if all else fails and your pants are just too tight in the rear, just wear a long tank top or shirt that covers the problem area!

What are your tips for finding modest pants?


  1. Such a cute outfit! Love it! And how fun to have a "money saving" story about the vest!

    I don't like super tight pants either. I usually thrift my pants, so I don't have too many "tricks"... just making sure they aren't too tight (especially on the upper leg).

    God bless!

  2. I generally go up several sizes in my pants. In "normal" sizes I'm a 4/5, but I've had to buy several of my jeans in 7's so they'd not be too snug. They swallow my waist so I always have to wear a belt, but it's worth it to me. =) It's encouraging to know that you do this too. =)
    I adore your vest - you look really warm and fashionable! And your jeans are really cute too; I love the faded dark wash look. =)

  3. Hey Natasha,
    Just commenting to say that that outfit is really cute and flattering on you. I've been following you on google reader for about a year, but never commented before, so I thought I would today, just for fun! ;)
    have a great day!!

  4. Those jeans are too cute! And so is that vest! Your patience really paid off!(:

    I have so much trouble finding pants that fit well and modestly with my pear-shaped body! I have a small waist and big thighs, so even jeans that are too big in the waist are often too small in the thighs. :P but then I often wear jeans, so I tend to wear long, flowy shirts/tunics with them to make them a bit more modest.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. So cute! For me, I haven't worn jeans in years. I don't have a problem with loose ones, but my parents prefer skirts and I'll respect that. :) For some reason, to me, jeans seem to change my attitude. I don't know how to explain...
    Love the vest - it's awesome how God can even work out little things for us!

  6. I alway have a hard time finding pants, there's alway something wrong with the size and length. I love your pants!!! There so cool!!

  7. Cute outfit :). Love the jeans.

    I was wondering what our you thoughts on the worn or white part of the jeans you are wearing? I've heard it Emphasizes the thighs.

    1. Joan Ark,
      Thanks for commenting!
      While some people may feel the distressing on the thighs would draw too much attention to the thigh area, this isn't a personal conviction of mine.

      I think a combination of too tight pants AND distressing would definitely draw attention to your thighs. Different people have different convictions, so to say that one thing or another is "immodest" isn't very fair-since the Bible never gives any specifics (other than that we should dress in modest apparel, appropriate for those professing to be followers of Jesus).

      We should also keep in mind that our additudes play a big part in our clothes! Someone could be dressed in a paper bag-everything covered and no shape visible, yet still be immodest in their actions-speaking super loud to get attention, flirting, etc.

      That being said, I don't know your age and want to make sure that above all else you follow your parent's guiding in this area.
      Again, thanks for commenting!

  8. You look so good in this! Super skinny and fit! Adorable!

  9. Thanks! I needed to know that :). I respect that you stayed yourself. you have an amazing blog. Keep it up :)

  10. Cute outfit! The jeans look really good on you! in "normal" sizes I would wear a 3-5, but I have had to go all the way up to a 9 just to make sure that it's not too tight! It's encouraging to know that I am not the only one in the world who has to do this...

    Also, I think how the jeans fit a lot of times depends on the jeans... I mean, my sister wears tighter jeans but they don't "look" tight or immodest... whereas if I wore a different pair of jeans that tight, the cut of them will make them more immodest. So a lot of times I think it just depends on the jeans. And as you mentioned above, it is a heart issue, too!

  11. P.S. I wear pants or jeans most of the time so I am really happy to see how you modestly style jeans! If you're going to be working in pants, could you share more pictures wearing pants then? Thanks! (H)

  12. cute casual looks, love the pop of colour and warmth your vest adds:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  13. Those jeans are cute and definitely modest. With the "skinny jeans" trend, the fit of most jeans is ridiculous. In the fashion magazines they are so tight they look like they are sprayed on. Not only is it not modest, but not very flattering, even on the models.

  14. Attract girls with good fit (BFD), check it out friends,


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