What I Wear-Yes, It's Bright & Doctor Who Party Pics!

I wore this outfit today for errands and a bit of work. I decided to be a bit more adventurous in outfit photo backgrounds and took them by a set of railroad tracks! And yes, they're still fully operational! I was a bit of a crazy and ended up sewing a slip extender on my skirt this morning before leaving the house! The slip under the very sheer skirt was way too short to begin with, barely a mini skirt! So I just sewed a panel of fabric onto the end of the pre-exsisting slip-'voila! A Modest maxi!

I'm Wearing:
Shirt-Aeropostale $2.97!
Skirt-Jcpenney $10
Flip Flops-?

So I hope you all don't mind that I'm sharing some personal photos today! I try to stick mostly to outfit posts, with only the occasional personal posts. However, this time is different! We had a Doctor who "party" it was just the family, but it was blast! We had fish fingers and custard (vanilla pudding)...and tater tots. Not exactly healthy, but oh well! For those of you who have watched Doctor Who, I tried dipping my fish fingers in the vanilla pudding-seriously, it wasn't actually that bad! 

I had to share photos of the masks we bought on eBay!
Freakishly, my brother Onan looked like he really was Doctor Who! Crazy how well the mask fit! 

Have you ever seen Doctor Who? If so, have you tried fish fingers and custard?


  1. I love that skirt! My friend was wearing a similar one for Easter yesterday, and I complimented her on it too--it reminds me of Barbie (in a good way, haha!).(:
    I did a double take when I saw your brother! He looked so much like the Doctor! Haha, sounds like an awesome party to me! Though to tell the truth...I don't think I could ever eat fish fingers and custard. I can barely watch the Doctor eat them! I don't really like fish sticks/fingers as it is, and I'm not a custard fan either, so putting them together realllyyyyyy does not sound like the most appetizing thing to me. But if I ever have the opportunity, I'll give it a go.(;


  2. I love Doctor Who! I've been a fan for like seven years now. :) I have never tried fish sticks with custard, and I do not plan on trying them either. I hate fish sticks! haha

    Your party looked awesome and I love love love your skirt!

  3. I love your outfit!
    And the Dr.who Party pics! I love Dr.who! But no, I have never tried Fish Fingers with custard!


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