What I Wear-Sunday Musing, Ruth and Gettin' Married

The weather was polite enough to cooperate with my pictures and give me some sunshine for photos, then rained a good portion of the day. Some would consider the current weather here "cold"-I consider it decent, 50 degs and rain, not horrible, in my opinion. 

I wore this outfit to church today, comfortable and slightly dressy. My church is pretty casual, I probably dress up more than most other people at church. I like to dress nicely for church, gives me an excuse to put on a slightly dressier outfit! ; ) I paired this brown dress from Ross ($13) with a simple pair of transparent sandals from Forever 21 ($12). The shoes aren't the best, support wise, however they are cute hurts, right?! LOL!

We've been studying the book of Ruth at church since Mother's Day and just finished up this week. It hit me that the book of Ruth is a good reminder for us single gals, that God can provide a husband even in what seems to be the worst of circumstances. Ruth followed her Mother in law into a land that, for all she knew, had no future prospects of marriage. Yet God brought a husband into her life and as a reward for her obedience and patience, she was gifted with the awesome heritage of being part of the lineage of Jesus Christ! Did she know this going in? No. Was she scared? Probably! Why wouldn't she have been! However    she trusted God and He came through for her. So I guess I'm saying, don't get discouraged because "I'm not in the right place to find a husband!" God can bring a husband to you, or bring you to your husband, as in Ruth's case. Bottom line, the future isn't really in your control-why try to control it? Hang in there ladies! "he's" out there, for now, focus on being the Godly girl a Godly guy would want to marry. 

How was your Sunday? What was your sermon about? 


  1. that's a great find! I love shopping at Ross! you look great in this outfit!

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  2. Cute dress! I love your whole outfit! You're looking really pretty today (as always, duh). Great thoughts on Ruth and marriage. :)

  3. I wonder if I was the only one who saw the post title, and briefly thought you were getting married! Cute outfit:)

  4. Hi, Natasha! You blog is so inspiring to me! Not many of my friends are convicted about dressing modestly. Your blog inspires me to continue dressing the way I feel God convicting me to! Yes, I love the book of Ruth, too. Thanks for posting about what you got out of the message. I was just thinking about that book today. Even though I'm still young, I often find myself looking ahead and longing to be married... even at age seventeen. :P I think that for now we should just focus on our relationship with CHRIST and in due time, God will bring that man into our lives. Yesterday, our church finished the book of Acts after reading it straight through for 28 weeks! We had a little celebration after and had fun reviewing all that the Lord had taught us over the last 28 weeks. It was a great time of fellowship! Next week we will find out what our next book will be.

    In His Service,
    Hannah Boyd

  5. Cute dress! You look REALLY good in brown, you should wear it more often. :)

  6. I really love that bracelet that covers your hand! It reminds me of some of the jewelry I would see girls wearing in Malaysia. And it's very true. I'm convinced that being a content single girl is the best way to ensure that you will be content when you're married as well. God knows what He's doing!


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