What I Wear-Feminine "Pants Post" And HELP!!!!

I'm Wearing: Aqua Blue Lace Shirt-Rue 21 $3// Necklace-Gift $0// Jeans-Aeropostale $5// Shoes-ancient $15// Outfit Total-$23!

Seriously, isn't time flying by?! Tomorrow is August 1! AUGUST! Holy cow! Where did July go?! 
I thought I'd throw in a few 'pants posts'-just to keep things interesting! In my opinion, pants can be just as feminine and modest as skirts, in some cases more so! (think a windy day...) 
The trick is to wear them with very feminine items-like my aqua blue lace shirt! Lace is definitely one of those "girls only" items-seriously, when was the last time you saw a guy in lace? If you have, I don't want to know, please...

For my hair, I took a shower, let my hair dry a bit and then put them in two very high buns on the side of my hair. I slept in them and then uncoiled them in the morning for some waves/curls. 

I realized the other day that I've gotten into a hair rut again...and I emphasize AGAIN! Seems like I'm constantly getting into ruts! 

So, help me out! 
Leave me a comment with a hairstyle idea! 


  1. Very pretty outfit; I feel the same way about pants (yes, those windy days do challenge the modesty of a skirt... bike riding will also do that!).

    Personally, I think your hair would look lovely in a fishtail braid over your shoulder. I know I need to do a fishtail more often. :-)

    Also, how often do you just braid or twist back the front part of your hair? You are so lovely and some more "off the face" hairstyles could looks so pretty on you.

    Hope you have a great day!

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  3. You have gorgeous hair! It is so long and I would assume heavy - don't forget a trim could change things up!

  4. Cute!
    Maybe a "half up" hairdo, or a braided bangs, or french twist...? Your hair is lovely!

  5. Is there any godly reason why you've stopped talking to me? I guess that's what Jesus would do.

  6. Hi Natasha......tried to comment yesterday...guess it didnt save.
    For the hair Q I would have to say to make sure to check out this website: It is run by a very modest Christian girl and the entire site is dedicated to styling long hair.I have the same length of hair you do so I know where you are coming from! Sometimes it is just tricky! But so worth it.:) Also what helps me alot is to always add a coordinating flower or headband to any style.

    I really like this shirt and the pick on you have like it! Nice, modest and cute!

    P.S. My sister and I have just started our own blog.Here is a link to it: We are just getting started and would love it if you would leave a comment of anything that maybe you would have found helpful at your start or any thoughts! Thanks!

  7. Cute outfit, girl. Love that color blue. =) I think your hair turned out really nicely! At first I thought you did it with hot rollers. =) Looks amazing. Pinterest is my big source of inspiration, also these two youtube channels. They have some really awesome hair tutorials.

    Hope these inspire you - I get a lot of hairstyles from them!

  8. You know, when I first saw this post my first thought was how much I like your hair.
    As far as mixing it up, one of my favorite ways to do my hair is in a sideways french braid (I have no idea what the real name is), you know, just where you start on one side and and cross over and end with a over the shoulder braid?
    Also, flip-through pony-tails are kind of cute and classy.
    Your outfit is really cute!

  9. Do a Mohawk. Just kiddin'. It would be cool though...

  10. I love your waves!! So feminine and pretty ;) my hair is about the same length and thickness as yours, and boy, is it challenging!!! But I love it!! One of my favorite summer hairstyles is a French braided bun. You just do a French braid on each side of your head and gather it into a ponytail at whatever height you want your bun to be. Then, just make your bun however you want to! What I do is divide the ponytail into two sections, braid each section, then wrap both sections around the ponytail holder and bobby pin it all into place!
    That style is great for the pool because it stays in and still looks okay when it's wet :)

  11. Hi, Natasha. I've been following your blog for a while.
    Like you I have really long hair and it's hard to find hairstyles that work well.
    One way I like to fix mine is (1) put your hair in a ponytail. (2) Take a sock, cut the toe off, roll it up to form a doughnut. Pull the ponytail through the doughnut. (3) Put your head down and spread the hair around the doughnut and secure it with a hairband. Pull the hair to the base of the bun you've formed. (4) Now braid. Secure with a hairband. Wrap it around the sock bun and secure with bobby pins.

    Check out my blog
    By the way, really cute top!!

  12. Try french braiding it and then tucking the end under and securing it with a few bobby pins (this works with both long and short hair.)
    This blog is made for ladies with long hair and it has dozens of tutorials on it!:

    Hope that helps. :)


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