What I Wear-Boho, White And THM Update Month-1

Oven cooked Cabbage 

E Pancakes with chicken sausage, berry topping, the Shrinker and a protein shake. 
Eggs, red chile sauce, veggies and sausage.
Teriyaki sauce

E pancakes
Cauliflower spanish "rice"
So I thought it was about time for a THM* update! (*Trim Healthy Mama
I posted when I first started this and had quite a few responses, however-if you get sick of hearing about it-just yell at me! I tend to be very passionate about things I'm doing. It's just my personality, I throw myself entirely into whatever I'm doing. But if you don't happen to be interested in my current "passion", it might be a bit irritating! But anyway, for those who're interested...

As of Saturday here is my update:
When I first started THM, I thought "okay, maybe I can do this. But won't I crave the sugar and no-no foods?" The answer? Not really! I've been sugar free (with occasional cheats) for about a month now! It's insane, because I've tried doing it before and never succeeded! But adding Stevia and being able to have sweet things still helps immensely! 

I've lost a total of 18lbs so far! I was starting to feel a bit more energy right before these stinking allergies hit me HARD. The weather changes tend to mess with me. 

I think one of the interesting things I learned from the THM book was about exercise! I was excited to find out that going longer than 30 minutes is actually not good for your body and can have the opposite effect! It's better to do HIIT training for 10-30 minutes. After 45 minutes, your body goes into fat STORING mode! YIKES! Don't want to do that! And who doesn't love hearing they aren't lazy when they don't do a 45-60 minute workout! We bought the 10 minute trainer from Tony Horton and we'll be starting that soon.

My current favorite meals/snacks are:
Fudge, Teriyaki chicken, Zevia soda pop, Reeses Protein Shake, Reuben wrap on Joseph's Lavash bread and Gwen's bread! 

Don't worry! I'll only be boring you ladies with these updates about once a month! ; ) 

I'm Wearing: Sleeves-C/O Halftee// Necklace-gift//White Denim Vest-Forever 21 $10//Pink Blouse-Forever 21 $5//Jeans-Rue 21 $5// Boots-Vanity $5//Outfit Total=$25!


  1. Very much LOVING this blouse... something I would love to have in my own closet. Very pretty outfit, my friend.

    My Mom and I were just talking about how shorter exercises are so much better for you... really ticks me off thinking of the long workouts I've suffered through in the past. :-P I've really been slacking off lately with healthy meals... grrrrrr... need to get back on that... I had last about 15lbs but have gained about 10 of it back since my miscarriage (unfortunately, I'm a comfort eater). Thanks for reminding me just how awesome healthy eating can be. :-)


  2. I really like your top and jacket! They make a great combination of tailored and romantic together.
    Also, it looks like you've been eating some yummy food! :D

  3. LOVE the THM updates please keep them coming! I actually wanted to try it myself but still am a little confused by the E and S etc. I am having my 2nd baby in 9ish weeks so I def would love to try it after he is born :)


  4. Hi Natasha! So great to hear of your successful update! I still have yet to get a hold on a copy of this book! Hopefully we will be getting to the library soon!
    Cute outfit too! ~Cassie

  5. You look so beautiful!!!

  6. Good job, Natasha! Love the THM posts. It's really working for so many people! I am at a total of 54lbs lost, and my favorites are: PB Cups, Pizza Casserole, Muffin in a mug, Berry Crunch, and Taco Salad. :) Keep up the good work!


  7. Tell you the truth, I am liking your THM posts more and more! What are E. pancakes? I haven't had pancakes in a couple of years, since being gluten free, sugar free, and low toxin. There are lots of sugar free gluten free foods, but low toxin food is the trickiest.

    I am SO glad to learn about that thing with exercise too. A lot of exercise, especially cardio is bad for the body. In the paleo (Stone Age) sense, I believe the body thinks it's being chased by a tiger... ALL THE TIME! Hehe. That was actually in the words of the guy whose diet we're following. I'm actually auditioning this Sunday to be a fitness instructor. I know, that's ironic! I'm limiting my exercise though, because I know what's a good limit the body.

    Oh, and madmen is a "new" tv show set in the 50s. A lot of girls like it for the clothes and drama. I only like it for the clothes, but I don't watch it because I think it has a lot of sexual content in it... If I'm remembering it right.

    Anyway, share recipes of your favorite THM dishes! I'm interested in the pancakes and cauliflower "rice" you have above. :-) I've been thinking for a long time now to post my diet and exercise routine on my blog, but I'm trying to keep it strictly style related. I might think about it. I actually made a "dessert" recipe video that I have yet to edit and upload on youtube. It's cake made with rice flour and stevia. Maybe I'll put it up on Alamodest ;-)

  8. A friend from church is doing THM after having her 7th baby last year and she has lost almost 20 lbs just this summer. :) You look as fabulous as ever! Love your outfit!


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