What I Wear-How To Wear A Mono Chromatic Jumper And Favorite TV Shows

I bought this black jumper at Rue 21 quite some time ago, for some reasons I never got around to posting it. Surprisingly (or perhaps not a surprise to you) this jumper is very versatile. It can easily be dressed down (a T-shirt or jean jacket over it) or dressed up, like this, or with a scarf. I've been wanting a jumper ever since I tried one on at Forever 21, I regretted not buying it as soon as we left.  So this is my consultation jumper, of sorts. At $5, I really couldn't go wrong! 

I thought it would be fun to share my tips on how to wear a mono chromatic jumper:

1. Make sure it fits! You'd think this is obvious, but if it's too baggy it looks dreadful, too tight and you'll look ridiculous! 

2. With my jumper, it's not incredibly fitted, it's cotton with no stretch. So I paired it with my belt for a more fitted look. Waist definition is important with a jumper. 

3. Accessories are your friend with a mono chromatic jumper. I opted for my royal blue shrug for a pop of color. Scarves, chunky necklaces and vests are great options to add interest to a jumper.

I thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to share our favorite TV shows! My family is very picky and we have a hard time finding TV shows we all enjoy watching. 
But a few we've recently discovered are:
Doctor Who (all but dad enjoy that one)
Once Upon A Time
When Calls The Heart
Cedar Cove
Are a few of are favorites! 
What TV shows/movies do you enjoy watching?


  1. Our family enjoys the TV show Sue Thomas F.B. Eye.:-)

  2. Fun outfit!!!

    I'm loving Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time as well... also adore Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.!!! Andrew and I have also started watching Forever... so far so good!!!

  3. I've caught up on Once Upon a Time the last 2 it's waiting till each episode comes out. I'll have to check out the other ones.


  4. I like the jumper on you, but I don't think it would work for me. When I was young and wore overalls and one-piece swimsuits, they had a tendency to ride up! Now that I'm older and much, much, taller, I have a hard enough time finding pants that are long enough- forget about a jumper! I may eventually buy a skirted jumper, though.

    I also really like OUAT, and sometimes BBT. I don't watch any other shows that are currently airing, but I stream Eureka, 19 Kids, and occasionally a few others. I am also trying to collect the entire series of Full House on DVD!

  5. You made this jumper look very classy! :) And the color of your cardigan looks very nice on you.

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