What I Wear-My Patchwork Eternity Scarf And Kosher Casual

Today's post features the debut of two items-this awesome skirt sent to me from Kosher Casual and the patchwork eternity scarf I crocheted.

Firstly, I've worn this skirt numerous times, but just now got photos! I apologize that they're indoors, but I couldn't convince my photographer (aka my younger sister!) to put her shoes on and go outside. I'm hoping to maybe get a post up with different ways to wear this skirt-keep your fingers crossed! 
I love the dark wash, makes it easier to transition from casual to a more dressed up look. It's awesome fabric and fits like a dream! My only "complaint" is that the lack of a slit-which is good for modesty's sake, also makes me feel like a penguin...apparently I walk with rather large steps and having no slit cuts my stride in like half. So-overall? A beautiful skirt, high quality and adorable. 

As I mentioned before, I made this scarf after seeing one at Herbergers. I didn't want to pay $45, so I bought yarn and crocheted one instead. Basically I just made it in sections, crocheting it to the previous piece. I'm very pleased with how it came out! 

How was everyone's thanksgiving? We truly have much to be grateful for in the US. We whine about small things sometimes, yet forget the big stuff we're blessed with! What are you most thankful for?


  1. I love this outfit! It's simple, yet it still looks "put together."
    Great skirt. I have such a hard time finding flattering, modest, denim skirts that are in my size. I would love to find one like that. 😊 Your scarf looks so good! I've been wanting get to crochet one like that, too. You did a great job on it.

    Many blessings,

    1. Hi Kelly! If your looking for modest denim skirts, check out our website! We have a big selection of denim skirts in many different styles!

  2. This is a lovely outfit! I like your skirt (I agree with you on dark wash) and you did a wonderful job on your scarf.
    Glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving! There *is* so much to be thankful for. My #1 thing is always salvation...I figure if there wasn't anything else to be grateful for, that would be enough.

  3. Wow! How in the world did you crochet that whole infinity scarf!!! I hardly have patience enough to start on one! How long did it take you?

    1. Good question! Not really for sure, maybe a week or so? I crocheted it off and on, so that's a guesstimate :)

  4. Very cute skirt, Natasha! I would love one like that! And wow- I can't believe you MADE that scarf! Looks so professional! :D

    1. Hey Ashley! If you're looking for denim skirts, such as the one Natasha is wearing as well as other styles, check out our website!

  5. Oh, I know how it is to wear that type of skirt. My mom made me a couple of floor length denim skirts that don't allow more than half of my stride. I never really got used to them, with every step my feet were being stopped by skirt's material producing 'whoot whoot' sound and limiting my range of movements. I couldn't catch up with my friends unless I tried to semi - run, couldn't jump over puddles, etc. but I couldn't help it cause my mom insisted me to wear those skirts. Didn't you have trouble moving around in your skirt? :)


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