NEW Video-How To Dry Skin Brush Your Face

I've been meaning to do a video in dry skin brushing your face for quite some time. It has fantastic benefits, I highly recommend checking into dry skin brushing your body too.
Here's a great link to dry skin brushing your body:
I apologize if the music is a bit too loud. I uploaded it like 10 ten times because my app wasn't working, by the last time I forgot to lower the music :( if you can't hear something I'm saying, let me know and I'll answer any questions you may have.
EDIT: I've corrected the audio, so hopefully you can hear it this time!

Have you ever tried dry skin brushing?


  1. I have body-brushed once or twice and liked it have become too lazy to do it everyday! Anyway, you did a good job on the video and came across as very sweet :)
    <3 Margaret

  2. HI Natasha,
    I'm so sorry, I wrote a long comment on my phone the other day and it didn't save so I am back again. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind comment on my Passion poem. You are kind to visit and give kind feedback.
    I've never dry-skin brushed but I should as I have really dry skin and I am not so good at moisturizing so I need to give SOMETHING a go! x

  3. This seems like something that I should look into! I will have to rewatch your video (with sound) when I leave work!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. Hi Natasha,
    I was wondering if a person could use another brush besides a boar brush? I ask because with my faith in Yahweh, I try to remain kosher and do not really want to use a boar brush on my skin. Any ideas?

    1. Oh, I totally understand!
      I've seen this one used (I've not personal felt it) but it looks like a good alternative, made from a Japanese palm plant. Just be sure that it isn't abrasive on your face, it should feel like it's exfoliating, but never hurt.
      Here's the link to the one I found on Amazon:
      Hope that helps!

    2. Okay thank you! Since watching your video I have been using a body nylon brush until I find something else and it doesn't really feel like its doing something but then I wash my face with my facial cleaners and it my face burns a little-not much so it must be doing something? The bristles are soft.


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