What I Wear-Hey You, Put Down That Toxic Lotion!

Some of you may know this about me (some may not) but I firmly believe that what you put on your skin is taken into your body, like it or not. If you were to think a bit, you'd realize there are certain medications that are taken transdermal (applied to skin) this in and of itself says something.
While not an exact science, on average you absorb 60% of what you apply topically! It's even more than that on certain areas (specifically face and arm pits). What are you using on your skin? 
Do you apply toxic beauty products of which you have no idea what's in them, much less what the ingredient list says? In my early teen years I struggled with pretty bad acne (see my post on that HERE). FYI-yes, I have a hormonal pimple on my chin-what can I say? Keeping it real ladies. 
     In an effort to rid myself of pimples I tried a ton of products. I won't say any specific name brands, but I'm sure you can think of some. Beauty products are not regulated strictly by the FDA, rules are not the same for food as beauty products. Which is scary to me, to say the least. I've slowly transitioned into making pretty much everything I use beauty wise, I even make my own toothpaste, but that's another post. So I thought I'd share my favorite facial/body products:

Face wash-
Raw honey-since honey is antibacterial, it's great for; acne, moisturizing your skin, a clear glowing complexion and it gently exfoliates. 

Oil cleansing method-apply your favorite oil (please use cold pressed good oils, not canola oil, etc) and massage into face, apply a hot washcloth to face for 50secs to a minute and remove and wash off excess oil with hot water on cloth. 

Eggs-the whites for a cleansing mask, the yolks for a great moisturizing mask. 

Emu oil (so good!) it never feels oily after I use it and leaves me skin feeling nourished. Emu oil is known for healing scars, stretch marks and helping with wrinkles (an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, ladies!) not to mention it also helps your skin produce melanin (which makes your skin darker).  

Jojoba oil-also great for acne.

Coconut oil - I don't recommend this for anyone with acne prone skin, my mom loves it, but it personally makes me break out if I use it too often. BUT, I've been using it lately to sunbathe. It has a very low SPF and actually helps you tan better, how cool is that?! 

I hope this post will encourage you to seek out more natural beauty products. 
Let me know if this was helpful! I'd love to hear your natural beauty products, as I'm always learning of new products to use (are they called products when most of them can be eaten? Lol!)


  1. Hi Natasha! Cute outfit! I LOVE that shirt and cardi together!

    Thanks for the encouragement for searching out natural skin products! At times I just want to give up on it because of things not working etc. etc.. But I know it IS so worth it in the long run!

    of Calico Sisters blog

  2. Great post, Natasha! I'm SO guilty of using the processed stuff. I tried the coconut oil but it made me break out and I'm not even acne-prone! :-( How do you do the raw honey??? I wish I could use emu oil, but my research shows that it shouldn't be used while pregnant or nursing (so none for me in the near future!). I really need to talk with someone who can help me find pregnancy/nursing-safe natural products!

    LOVE your blouse, by the way! You're whole outfit is so pretty, but I'm a sucker for floral prints!


  3. Love using natural skin products! Honey is so wonderful!

    I had a different experience with coconut oil - it actually helped to get rid of my acne! It might seem like it's making it worse at first, but that's because it's drawing out the toxins. Might not work for everyone, but I'm so thankful that it did for me!

    Cute blouse, btw. :)

  4. Ah! You are so brave. I too struggle with acne (even as an adult, the struggle is real), so I use products my dermatologists recommends on a daily basis. I even take antibiotics. I'm really concerned about the latter. I may have to give some of your home treatments a try! Do you have any recs for hair masks that deal help with breakage and strengthen + moisturize hair that has been exposed to heat damage?

    1. There are numerous oils you can use!
      I personally do an oil treatment (which also includes massaging my scalp) twice a week.
      I mix 1TBL jojoba oil, 1TBL emu oil and 3TBL castor oil and massage into scalp. It's great for hair growth and moisturizing your hair. Coconut oil is excellent for your hair too (although I'm still messing with ratios as I have a hard time getting it out). Mayo is great for a deep condition too. I also have to mention that you should stop using (if you haven't already) any and all harsh chemicals on your hair. Switch at the very least to sulfate free shampoo.
      Hope this helps!
      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  5. Love this! I remove my makeup with coconut oil, and I wash my face with evening primrose oil. When I was in high school and college, I was definitely guilty of using harsh chemicals on my skin - if I only knew then what I know now!

  6. Very good. Something I learned a few years ago is how bad glycerin is for you. It moisturizes your by pulling it from your inner skin layers slowly drying out actually. I stick with olive & coconut oil to moisturize. I did find one (baby but) cream that has hardly any ingredients....especially no glycerin I use on my hands regularly too.

  7. I totally agree with the lotion stuff!
    I am a big fan of organic skin stuff!

  8. Que blusa linda ficou muito linda junto com o cardigã. Sou Brasileira e embora eu seja de um País tão diferente do seu estou sempre acompanhando seu blog. Também tenho um blog com proposta igual do seu. Que Deus te abençoe querida.

  9. Good advice - so many people try to eat clean and healthy and forget to remove the other junk like fragrance, and whatever other mystery chemicals are in lotions.


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