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Hey everyone! Alright, so I had another burst of inspiration! Once again, I don't know where they come from! This particular set of drawings came about by accident. I had the urge to draw a lady with her scarf flowing out behind her while she walked. Well.....the scarf turned into a sleeve, the sleeve turned into a dress...and the rest is history! :  ) The idea behind it is...

This is the repersentation of winter...
Her dress is less flowy, and her lips are blue. The pearls/and crystals are like ice.
Her eyes are green (like shes thinking about spring) and her hair is the color of fire. Autumn! (This would be the one that originally was a scarf. If you pay attention, you can see her sleeve is in her hands like a scarf!: ) Her hair and clothes are being swept about by the wind, and her clothes are the color of autumn leaves.

And last (but certainly not least) summer..
Golden hair like the sunshine, flowers lining her dress. And her skirt lining is the color of grass.

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