I can't wait to participate in Amanda Beth's Maid Marian wardrobe event! Just one week!
If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. I have a link to her website at the side bar. I'm totally syked to be able to share my Maid Marian dress with you. Check back the 23rd for pictures of my dress. I think my next project is going to be a Civil War era dress (1861-1865) somewhere in there. I researched 1800's clothing till I was blue in the face, and I'm just gonna go for it now! I found it interesting in my research, that calico was not acceptable, other than for slaves. Yet in Montana, it was accepted as proper! How funny...I guess things don't change that much! LOL! I'm thinking of doing a dress with the same pattern I used for the Maid Marian dress, and adapting the train, and arms for an 1800's dress. For the fabric, I'm pondering using some cream/red rose calico. Still have to think on that......Off the wall thought, have you ever noticed how people from diffrent time periods look...diffrent? Not really wierd, but not like we look to day. Diffrent facial structure...nose..ears. I don't know. Has anyone else wondered this? Do you know why?

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  1. I'm excited for the Maid Marion event too! I'm not sure if I'll participate...

    I have noticed that it seems as though people look different in different time periods... Rather crazy... I'm not sure how. Interesting. My sister and I have disgust this at great length and still have not come to a conclusion.



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