One Year Adventure Novel

One Year Adventure Novel, is a writing curriculm for homeschoolers, or involoved teachers. I'm really enjoying it! My book is going to focus on a 17 year old girl during WWII, and follow her struggle to America. Basically, what happens, I watch a movie segment. Which talks about that days lesson. Then I read in a text book, and then use a work book, which asks questions to get your creative juices flowing! He (the writing instructor) goes through all of the basic story line concepts. I.E. Something to suffer, Something to want, something to learn, and something to dread. He explains all the questions in depth. Its more of a writing curriculm for writers (like me) who basically plunge head first into an idea, and then get burnt out! I was actually in the middle of a book set in another world (Cutherlind) and the writing program has helped me with this story line! I am on page 150 so far, and I'm still going back and re-wrting, re-vamping, re-everything! Cutting scences, adding scenes, everything I can think of to make it better. The sad thing is, I had to start a word pad specifialey for keeping track of the characters that had died, or are gone from the story for the moment. Every day, a new, better element to add to my book comes along.

I'm resisting the urge to write a Pirate book right now.....

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