Modesty Tip #1 "The Wonders Of Tank Tops!"


All right, while sitting here contemplating what to write about today, I decided I will open up shop for....(drumroll please!) Modesty tips! We all know it can be hard sometimes to find clothing that's modest! I'm of the opinion that you should only follow what's "in style" till it becomes immodest. I don't really follow all the latest trends (I will not wear those ugly blind glasses! You know what I'm talking about! Those glasses at Claire's that serve no purpose whatsoever! No UV protection at all!) I do wear ripped, distressed jeans. But even those can become immodest! I don't know if any of you wear ripped jeans, but sometimes the rips get a little too high, and placed in the wrong places! (I'll post about that at a later date!) But for now, I'll tackle the issues of low cut shirts. Some are of the opinion that if you don't show cleavage, then a shirt isn't too low. That may be true in most cases (I do believe in not showing cleavage!) But Most of the time low cut shirts (Even without cleavage!) can be immodest. It can be cut down to there belly button on some girls, and still not show cleavage! I want to say that even if your wearing a tank top, it can still be immodest. Some shirts out there have teeny weeny bits of fabric sticking out, yet they cover nothing at all! What to do when you get this shirt? Here are some choices!

  1.      You can sew strip of fabric onto the collar.

  2. If your not a "sewing person" then a tank top is a great choice.

  3. Sometimes the tank top will not come high enough, TURN IT AROUND BACKWARDS!: )

Other uses for tank tops or camis (specified!)

  1. Tank tops work great for layering!

  2. they can also be layered themselves! I.E the tank doesn't come high enough, or the arm holes are too low, simply use the tank tops together! (Personally, I don't wear them by themselves unless I'm doing something at the house (exercise or its REALLY hot)

  3. Tank tops can be used under a sheer shirt for modesty

  4. Camis: I have to say on these that I prefer tank tops! But Camis can work great too. Mostly I use them for under a button down shirt, or something like that.

Do any of you have ideas of how to use tank tops (or camis) for modesty? Please note: I'm not pushing my beliefs on you, I'm simply stating my feelings about modesty, and trying to help you think of so many more ways to be more modest!


  1. I found that when it comes to camisoles alot of them are too low so there really is no point to wearing them SO I improvised :)
    I found that if you cut the straps and then re-sew them WAY higher it works really well :)
    That is my little tip :)

  2. What an awesome idea! I had never thought of that! But yeah, I know what you mean about the camis. Sometimes I wonder why they do it...: ) Oh well!LOL!

  3. Thank YOU, Natasha!! I LOVE your ideas! :D ;)


  4. Hi Natasha, you've been tagged and awarded! Drop by the Modest Blends blog for details.=)

  5. About your question, just give seven random things that your readers might not know about you and then tag other bloggers with blogs you like.


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