I've Been Tagged!

Ok, so Elizabeth over at Modest Blends  has tagged me! I'm so excited, and she totally made my day! I'm so glad my blog is being read! If you have a blog, then you know what I mean. When I first started out, it was a little hard to write on here, as I didn't even know if anyone was even reading my blog! Thanks to everyone whos reading my blog, and to my followers! So...your supposed to put seven things about yourself that nobody knows...hmmm.....
  1. I love hot foods! (Chile, Franks Hot Sauce, Jalapenos, Etc. The hotter the better!(If it makes me cry!)
  2. I hate yellow as a shirt or jean color!
  3. I'm 5"8 tall
  4. I don't wear makeup
  5. I'm shy around new people.
  6. I want to write a really awesome Pirate book....
  7. I have an obsession with hoodies!
Ok, so theres my seven things! Now, to tag five people.....
First of all  Amanda Flynn She was my inspiration to start blogging (among others)
Her modest blog is a constant inspiration!
Next I would like to tag Earwen I recently came across her blog and have enjoyed it so much! She has some very thought provoking posts about modesty.
Now...Christa Taylor (Another Modest blog!LOL!) Christa Taylor's blog was among the first blogs I've visited, and its still at the top of my favorites list! So many tips, beauty and modesty.
Another recent discovery: Rapunzels Resource I found this and totally love the hairstyles on there! Shes a great inspiration to try new things with my hair!
And last (but certainly not least!) is Elaine She has some great outfit inspirations!

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  1. Hello Natasha,

    My name is Kayla! I found your blog through Christa Taylor and I LOVED your classic plaid outfit!! The skirt was AWESOME where did you find it?!!?!?

    Anyway, My best friend and I have a fashion blog aswell, I was wondering if you'd like to be partners..maybe? Basically like put links for each other stuff like that.

    You can find me at and

    Have a good day, keep up the good work!



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