Modesty for....GUYS?! And distressed jeans....

I have a question for you! Do you think guys can be immodest? I think so! Lately, the thing thats gotten me, underwear jeans! I don't know what they're actually called, but thats what I will refer to them as. If you have brother, or a "guy friend", PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Ask them to wear a belt! Aside from the fact that its totally repulsive, what happens if their pants fall down in the middle of a store? Same goes for girls, wear jeans that fit! They don't have to be skin tight, just "Fit" and if you prefer to wear your jeans looser, than I strongly suggest a belt! What happens if your at church, and a little one tugs on your jeans?! Yeah! Never thought of that before? What are your views on this subject? Did I leave anything out?

So, moving on to the next topic! Controversial topic #2!! Woohoo! Distressed jeans! Some people think distressed jeans are immodest, I do wear them (I only own a couple of pairs) but I do think that they can be immodest! So heres a picture of my distressed jeans:

Originally this rip was thread bare, so all I did was sew some white fabric behind it. You want to know something? During church I was convicted of something. If I wouldn't wear a skirt this short, than why would I wear pants with a hole, too high.

What are your feelings on this subject? Do have any other ideas for making them modest? Have a great weekend!


  1. WOAH, that's a lot like my latest post on that I just did!
    Distressed jeans - cute, but are they really modest? I'm fine with jeans, etc. but the holes and gaps where everyone can see skin?

  2. I agree with you on most of your points!!Yes modesty does apply for guys as well as girls!although their guide lines are not as strict and they can be a lot more lenient with their cloths with out sinning....because when it comes down to it you have to ask yourself is it "really" sinning for a guys underwear to be showing on purpose or is it just indecent...for instants a guy can wear practically any type of shirt he wants,tank tops ect...,without being immodest unlike a girl:P And its not going to be half as much of a big deal(even though I HATE it)if you see a boys underwear then when its a girls!So do you think its a sin for guys to purposely show their underwear?

  3. Earwen: I posted on my blog about distressed jeans, you said "I don't think there modest beacause theres a bunch of holes show ing skin." I wanted to explain why I wrote about them, I was trying to give people the idea to put fabric behind the rips, all of the rips on those jeans that are above the knee have cloth behind them. Just wanted to make sure you understood me! :)Have a great weekend! And thank you for following my blog!

  4. Oh, Savvy girl, I wasn't saying it was "sin" to show underwear, just that I thought a belt would help tremendously! : )

  5. Great post! I agree 100%, and I wear distressed jeans, too :)


  6. totally...get a belt dude!but sometimes I prefer baggie than skin tight!!!!!

  7. yeah...guys need to stop showing their underwear not only is it repulsive it's inconsiderate and just plain undignified. as to distressed jeans...i think they are just sloppy, they don't even look nice! (that's just IMO). i think how you were convicted is totally right! so keep allowing the Lord to lead you! :)

  8. I agree... I hate seeing guys with their underwear showing! Wear a belt. It looks more sohpisticated especially with a blazer.

    Also, I am not a fan of holey jeans so it's not a problem for me.

  9. I'm a little late reading this, but I have to humbly disagree with Savvy Girl. I think men should be conscious of modesty just as women should. Women are prone to lust as well, though it is often thought to be just men, and we can stumble by seeing a half-naked guy just as easily as they can stumble by seeing a half-naked girl. Plus, it's all about having respect for yourself and others around you - I don't want to see their underwear, and besides, the saggy-pants look is just silly. :)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I feel way more comfortable when I'm more covered up (except maybe if it's really hot in a room somewhere, haha). I feel like I don't have to focus on my clothes, and can just be who I am. I think surely this feeling - and standards of modesty - must apply to guys as well as girls.

  10. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing

  11. I believe a guy wandering around without a shirt is immodest (unless he's swimming), and Cattie's absolutely right, girls stumble with immodest guys just as much as the reverse!

    And I completely agree with feeling more comfortable in more modest clothes; you're not constantly tugging at things and can just relax.


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